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Comment Re:WT everlovin F ? (Score 1) 776

> Good grief, dude. Not everything has some deep underlying 'message'.

You obviously didn't read the interview with the "Vagina Monologues" lady - who consulted on the file - who basically agreed with everything the Return of the Kings claimed.

You may remember VM as the play which included the famous line "If it was a rape, it was a good rape". Before you get outraged, be aware that this was a lesbian rape and therefore it's OK.

Comment Re:So, to sum this up. (Score 1) 1198

> From one male nerd to another: not acceptable.

Give me a break. Please turn off white knight mode before you embarrass yourself further.

> The whole point is women can't know a-priori who the good guys are and the penalty is being raped or killed

Here's a hint: it's hard to know whether a women is a bad risk too. 5% of women have borderline personality disorder. Another 1% bipolar, 1% schizophrenics, all in all crazy adds up to around 15% of women, and they often look just fine. And they can wreck your life.

Comment Re:Ground down (Score 1) 1198


You post is typical of its genre in that you show absolutely no appreciation or empathy for the problems men have. There is no balance in your post. A complete lack of quantified factual information. But lots of "muh feelz".

Far more men than women are subject to capital punishment including stoning, but you only care about the women.

Men are far more subject to violence than women.yet the calls are all for "an end to violence AGAINST WOMEN":

Far more men have their genital mutilated than women (and just as severely based on loss of nerve endings) but feminists like you don't give a damn.

Comment Re:Stupid Blame Game (Score 1) 1198

No he didn't hang around men's rights sites.

The closest he got was his enthusiastic participation in an ANTI pickup artist site. That is a site that shames men for trying to make themselves more attractive to women.

He hated women, but he hated men just as much. 4 of the 6 people he killed were men. He had fantasies about killing all the men in the world other than himself Saying this case is about misogyny is laughable.

Also noticeable how we are again getting stuck into white males. Even though Rodgers was half Jewish half Asian hardly a typical white American. When a man does a bad thing he has to be redefined as 'white', as with George Zimmerman, a hispanic with recent black ancestry who shot a black thug who had attacked him. Zimmerman had to be redefined as white, even to the extent of his pictures in the media being retouched to make his skin color whiter,

Comment Re:Good news for BN? (Score 1) 218

> The paperback edition of Brad Stone's The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon — a book Amazon disliked so much it denounced it — is suddenly listed as 'unavailable.

This would be disturbing if true.

I just did a search, All editions are available and in fact I just bought the Kindle edition now.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 413

> This is just more of the same delusion. Even a simple, inexpensive DAC

The oversampling that DACs use is to avoid artifacts from the reconstruction process. I have implemented these algorithms myself. But the DAC cannot reconstruct what is not there. And there are inevitable losses in the digitization process with a limited number of bits.

> 16 bit isn't imperfect given that it scales from the lowest detectable audio level to a level that would cause hearing loss.

You are confusing two things here. The 16 bits has to suffice both for the dynamic range of the music and for the structure of the wave form.

The dynamic range of the human ear is ~100db. 10db is worth about 3.32 bits. So 100db is about 33 bits, or twice the entire space we have already.

On top of this you need room for the wave form. Realistically if you want a pathetic 8 bits for the wave form, you are left with 8 bits for dynamic range or less than 30db.

So much bro science in this thread.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 413

> No it assumes there is no interesting signal above half the sampling rate

The **theorem** assumes **no signal at all** above the cutoff.

To ensure that there is no signal above the cutoff you have to filter out signal above the cutoff. And any filter has a slope, it is not a cliff face. You are going to lose some signal in the audible range from the filter.

This is in the ADC phase. All the talk about oversampling etc in the DAC phase is beside the point. The signal has been lost in the ADC phase, the DAC can do nothing about that. The oversampling in the DAC is to remove artifacts from the DAC process. I have actually implemented these algorithms myself.

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