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Steve Jobs Tries To Sneak Shurikens On a Plane 661

An anonymous reader writes "Steve Jobs, while on a family vacation to Japan in July, picked himself up some Shuriken, otherwise known as Ninja throwing stars, as a souvenir. In his wisdom he decided to put them in his carry on luggage for the return journey. As it was a private plane he probably thought there would be no issue, but he was wrong. Even private plane passengers have to have all their baggage scanned, and the throwing stars were detected and deemed a hazard. It's alleged that Jobs argued that he could take them on the plane as no one could steal them on his private jet and use them. Security at the airport disagreed and demanded he remove the stars. Jobs, clearly angry at losing his throwing weapons, stated he would not be returning to the country." Undoubtedly this is part of the iNinja project.

The World's Strongest, Most Expensive Beer Served Inside a Squirrel 228

If you have $765 burning a hole in your pocket, and a penchant for drinking alcohol out of a taxidermied animal, the good folks at BrewDog have just the drink for you. Their latest creation, called The End of History, is a 110 proof beer that comes packaged in a variety of small stuffed animals.

Don't Stop File-Sharing, Says Former Pink Floyd Manager 243

Barence writes "The former manager of Pink Floyd has labelled attempts to clamp down on music file-sharing as a 'waste of time.' 'Not only are they a waste of time, they make the law offensive. They are comparable to prohibition in the US in the 1920s,' said Peter Jenner, who's now the emeritus president of the International Music Managers' Forum. 'It's absurd to expect ordinary members of the public to think about what they're allowed to do [with CDs, digital downloads, etc]... and then ask themselves whether it's legal or not.' The comments come as Britain's biggest ISP, BT, said it was confident that Britain's Digital Economy Act — which could result in file-sharers losing their internet connection — would be overturned in the courts, because it doesn't comply with European laws on privacy."

Comment Conditional? (Score 1) 272

Maybe they simply live well-rounded lives and don't toss and turn all night worrying about the next day. Do they run themselves down every day? How are their dreams?

Point being, two genes in two people is an easy coincidence weighed against the vast sea of conditional variables that effect us all. For myself, if I spend a day doing relatively nothing I wake up somewhat naturally the next morning on 6 hours. If I go all day non-stop, then I can sleep for 12 hours.

If sleep is when our bodies recover, then do people with the mutation recover faster?

Comment Re:Not a video camera, so why? (Score 1) 117

If you want the best sound when shooting in consumer/prosumer land, run your own recorder and stripe* timecode. While balanced inputs would be nice, you still would be stuck with cheap A/D converters and 16 Bit recording. On-camera sound is a convenience: it's second place to price/ video quality with most manufacturers.

Unless you can drop 50 grand on a multicamera Genlock setup, drift will always be potential issue with multicamera shoots. In my experience even the cheapest usable cameras may only drift a few frames an hour, which can easily be fixed in post by slating at the beginning and end of long shoots.

*Stripe meaning record a track of audio timecode on each camera and recorder for sync in your post-production software.

Comment Re:From the standpoint of a soldier. (Score 1) 150

It would only take one person on the team or an organized handful of technically inclined pacifists with moral objections to making war a game to take down the auth servers. Not to mention America's wars are not exactly popular right now, and many execs would have no problems pocketing the funding for reasons so well described in the parent post.

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