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Comment Can help you, definitely can not help you (Score 1) 435

I work in HR for a very large company (60k+ employees overall) in Massachusetts. I am in Compensation and my team handles employment verifications as well. We consider it a breach of confidentiality to provide or confirm salary without a signed release from our employee. While not every company will be so careful, I feel comfortable saying at least that this is what companies should be doing. That being said, other people have mentioned this above, but this can be a 2-way part of the vetting process. If you make $60k now, and want to make $70k, you don't want to waste your time with them if they think you're going to (or can only budget for you to) bite for $40k. It is *really vital* to understand what the realistic regional salary ranges are for the type of job you're looking for, too - particularly if you are pretty much at the top of the pay scale to begin with. We all want to get a big bump in pay when we move between companies, but even if you're the best around, it's going to be tough for anyone to justify paying 20% more to you than anyone else unless you are sure to demonstrate the value you add over someone who can do 90% of your work for 80% of the pay. I guess overall I think it would hurt you more to not provide any info. Bear in mind you can be generous in rounding if that is a concern...

Comment Re:Now are these people trainable? (Score 1) 268

Music just gets in the way of constructive thought, and once you have heard a song a couple of times you've heard the song.

While I realize you identify as one of the 1-3% who doesn't like music, this statement is not true for many, many people, if not most. I'm sure this is an argument you've had to make many times in your life when the topic of music (one of the most common things to converse about) comes up, but just because you believe it doesn't make it true for everyone. Hell, you dislike music, so why would you look further into it?

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