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Comment Re: What are the actual patents about (Score 2) 71

From what (little) I know, they have a patent portfolio that likely goes back more than ten years. So it's quite possible some of that reads on Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and Apple products. Patent suits take a lot of time and a common strategy is to take on one big company, win that case, and then collect license fees from the rest using that judgement as a club.

Comment Re:Yes, but... (Score 0) 139

Supposedly the RAF tactics were to let the Argentine fighter bombers complete their attack runs while the ships were defended with chaff and decoys. Then have the slower Harriers would jump them on their return flights while they were short of fuel. The lasers might have played a big role during the attack phase?

Comment Re:prior art? (Score 1) 77

If there was valid prior art, do you not think RIM's lawyers would have looked for it and used it ?

These patent cases tend to be very technically complex and turn on very fine details of exact wording. Armchair lawyer's commenting in these threads should probably stick to their day jobs.

Submission + - raspberry pi - its hard to make an i/o expansion board a commercial success ( 1

waterwingz writes: Today we learned about one of the first casualties of a group trying to make a business providing support hardware for the raspberry pi. The basic board has a lot of capability but it will take something like what this group was trying to do before it will compete with the arduino.

Submission + - Why We're Pill-Addict Meat Apologists: An Interview with Author Martha Rosenberg (

pigrabbitbear writes: "“Can anyone remember life before ‘Ask Your Doctor’ ads?” This question opens Martha Rosenberg’s "Born with a Junk Food Deficiency: How Flaks, Quacks, and Hacks Pimp the Public Health" and hangs over the proceeding chapters. Even the most hardened cynic will be taken aback after reading Rosenberg’s powerful examination of Big Pharma and Big Food, their influence and reach severely miscalculated by an often passive public. It’s a text serves as an instrument of combat against the forces which damage our health while marketing us junk and drugs we don’t need."

Comment Re:CmdrTaco drags big brass ones along the ground (Score 1) 750

The problem isn't just the iPad. It's the whole question of tablet computing. Touch works on phone because it frees up space. It means you can get a decent size screen because you're not sacrificing space for the UI. But it is a compromise (albeit an acceptable one).

Once you go beyond pocket size, you're into competing with laptops. I know people think they'll walk around like Picard, but walking and touching a screen doesn't work like that.

For me, even the "sitting in front of a PC using Slashdot" doesn't work. A laptop gives me a hinge and a keyboard. I neither have to hold it up, nor crick my neck.

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