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Washington D.C. The entire metropolitan area is one big mess. I have to plan my WEEKEND trips to the grocery store with severe traffic in mind. The area/weather/people are nice enough. However, with the addition of the commute times, I am basically holding down another part-time job just to get to work and back. I work 10-12 hour days just to avoid sitting in that mess for 3-4 hours a day.

Comment Sounds like a Symptom (Score 1) 320

I have a thyroid hormone imbalance that affects my weight as well. I can spout on all day about that is why my weight is all over the map. That still doesn't tell you WHY my homones are out of wack.
I had Hodkin's disease almost 15 years ago and the radiation therapy fried my thyroid and it isn't producing as it should. Ergo homone imbalance.
What Mr. Jobs tells us is akin to telling me their car gets bad gas milage. That just leads to more questions... is it bad milage due to old plugs or because the gas tank is on fire.

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