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Comment Seriously they screwed it up a long time ago (Score 5, Interesting) 275

I got in early on the PocketPC and PocketPC Phones before it was called windows mobile. They were off to a great start with, wireless, web browsers, open development tools (the embedded visual studio was free for years), open development anyone could publish an app, GPS, etc. They worked hard enough to kill Palm, and then just got buggier and worse every year. It was the same as Netscape and IE they built IE until Netscape was dead and then just quit. Windows Mobile became so bad that after years of using and developing on the platform I bought a standard phone and got rid of my Windows Mobile at the time because it had become so unstable it was unusable. Losing calendar entries, failing syncs, crashing often, dropping voice calls... Then I saw everyone with the iPhone and at first said yeah been there and done that everything on the iPhone I had on windows mobile and more for a long time... The iPhone just worked though, no fighting it, yeah it wasn't open to develop on, but I had less reason to develop my own solutions anyways because it did what I wanted out of the box. Windows Mobile, had streaming video, flash players, GPS navigation, and many things before the iPhone ever got around to it, but MS let it fall apart to crap and die once they killed the only competitor in the market Palm/Handspring.

Comment stuck with both (Score 1) 360

Well I have comcast, and ATT since I have an iPhone. Comcast seems to be the only good choice for broadband where I am. ATT I am stuck with because the iPhone is so good that you put up with the second rate service. I would love to leave them both for how they treat their customers, but I don't have any good choices. so what can I do?

Submission + - Open Letter to Anyone Asking Me For Computer Help (pretheory.com)

wastedbrains writes: "So you're having a problem with your computer, eh? Yes, you're right, I do know something about computers and yes, I was a computer science major. Will I fix your problem?

I'll certainly try. I'm more than happy to help you to the best of my ability. You're a friend and I'm glad I can help you. I know you'd do the same for me and in all likelihood, I'll be hitting you up for free financial/legal/medical/automotive advice in the near future. I happen to have an area of expertise and I genuinely don't mind helping you out.

That said, here's some friendly advice that will make this experience as painless as possible for both you and I"

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