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Comment Re:I suspect it'll take a while. (Score 1) 246

Good news, every piece of software you are now running is IPv6 compatible. If an application establishes a connection to a host name, all of the underlying OS stacks can do so over IPv6 if addresses are available and connections can be made.

Of course, those apps that have four little input boxes and only support hard coding an IP for a connection still won't work. Have any of those? I don't.

Comment Re:really? (Score 1) 1258

I'm going to disagree with you. It's true that propositions that are at least plausible testable are more likely to be true than those that aren't, but the fact is you're trusting the scientists to do the tests, and accurately report their findings.

Which I'm fine with. Trust in science itself can be built on the overwhelming number of things that science does that are testable by you right now. Such as whether your cell phone turns on or not. Whether GPS works. Or by your personal experience with the results of other science: understanding electricity, and thus running your tests by wiring a lightbulb.

Comment Re:There's Your Problem Right There (Score 1) 1108

Well, the "theory of evolution" does exist, and would include natural selection as one of the mechanisms to shape change. There's also simple drift.

It's still valid to refer to it all as the "theory of evolution", or "evolutionary theory", or some such.

Since it's also observable, it's also a fact.

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