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Comment ECG iphone app (Score 1) 121

I just bought this iphone case with built in wireless ecg. Its a little disappointing as I don't get the display thats on the picture. All I get is a notification box that says "normal" with no readouts or gauges, and not even what my heart rate was. Theres an option to turn on prescription mode, but you have to get a prescription from your doctor, scan it, and send it in to the manufacturer. I think this is a good start, but it would be better if it had the option of adding more electrodes and actually showing the user some useful information.

Submission + - Active Whitehouse Petition: Shorten excessive copyright terms. (whitehouse.gov)

warrior389 writes: We petition the obama administration to:

Shorten excessive copyright terms

Current copyright terms are much longer than necessary for promoting progress. Excessive copyright terms limit the usefulness of the works they cover without leading to the creation of more works.

I ask the government to limit copyright terms to a maximum of 10 years with no exceptions. Compared to current copyright terms 10 years may sound very short, but 10 years is a long time; it may still be too long. I also ask that currently active copyright terms all end within 10 years.

It is not society's duty to reward authors and artists for their creativity or hard work. Copyright should only exist as an incentive. The excessive monopoly terms must end.

Created: Jan 01, 2013
Current Signatures: 2,551
Deadline: January 31st, 2013

Comment Re:Just buy insurance...it's honestly that simple. (Score 1) 468

I agree, everybody should include their location when they post these prices. I posted earlier but didn't include the state. $1200/mo for family group BCBS PPO medical+prescription in Maryland. An equivalent plan through the same BCBS provider but not through a group was $1500/mo. ($10/$20/$50 office/specialist/hospital) $10 generics. $0 deductible. 100% in-network coverage on most thing.

Comment Contractor (Score 1) 468

I'm a contractor through a medium-sized employer of about 1000 people. My family of 5 (wife + 3 kids) pays about $1200/mo for our BCBS group medical+prescription PPO. Dental is another $50/mo. No vision coverage -- paid out of pocket for laser surgery about 5 years ago. My employer pays half and I pay the other half. We have no deductible, $10 co-pays, and $10 generics prescriptions. We are a generally healthy family, eat well, and exercise (triathlons!)

We had one kid, it was going well and thought "lets just have one more"... ended up with twins. Our twins were born last year, 10 weeks early due to an emergency c-section after the wife got sick from our oldest kid. It was $10k each for the c-sections (you'd think there would be a discount to get the second one out!) After all the delivery expenses plus wife's week in the hospital the total delivery cost $30k. The girls then had to stay in the Level IIIC NICU for 6 weeks. Total amount that the insurance company PAID ended up being just over $300,000. The providers asked for about $500,000. Only thing they didn't cover was the $500 ambulance ride to the hospital. We spent about 3 months getting them to pay for the c-sections due to an incorrect billing code that neither the provider nor the insurance company seemed to care about fixing.

Overall it seems pretty expensive, but I hardly ever have any problems with them. I've never tested it for anything serious besides the twins, however. When comparing prices, make sure to factor in both the employer and employee payments. I have no idea where these $300/mo plans for a family of 5 are coming from. I looked for an individual health plan 2 years ago when I was thinking about going out own my own and at first BCBS said they wouldn't give somebody an individual plan after they had been on a group plan. Finally they gave us a price of $1500/mo.

I often review the claims when the insurance company sends them to me. It is almost universal that the provider asks for 2x to 4x more than insurance ends up paying. I'm not sure if I'd get a discount or not if I offered to pay cash before a regular visit.


Nuclear Power Could See a Revival 415

shmG writes "As the US moves to reduce dependence on oil, the nuclear industry is looking to expand, with new designs making their way through the regulatory process. No less than three new configurations for nuclear power are being considered for licensing by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The first of them could be generating power in Georgia by 2016."

Comment Re:"Not for ________ use" (Score 1) 422

A fair profit margin is 100% or more.

I don't know what business *you're* in, but 100% is ridiculous. It looks like the average US corporate profit margin in 2006 was 8.5%.

I'm in a government regulated business and Washington sets our profit at 8% or even 4% sometimes. No reason health care shouldn't get fixed at 4% profit margin too.

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