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Journal Journal: Overrated 1

I had a comment modded as "overrated". It was never even modded up, so that dropped it to a zero.

Uh, not that my comment was at all worthy of any positive moderation, but isn't that an abuse of mod points and/or the system? A comment shouldn't be able to be marked "overrated" if it hasn't received any positive moderations.

I was making a pissy comment, to be sure, so a negative mod wasn't a big surpise really. Just... overrated?


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Journal Journal: My New Friend

I just added ThatMadeNoSense to my /. friends list. I'm guessing he's soon to become an unpopular guy, but he really cracks me up. I think he's already a foe of a friend. Oh well.

I think he's fighting the good fight. I'm certainly no English major, but the carnage which is unleashed upon the English language here on Slashdot is disturbing. I'm not talking about 1337 or txt speak, but just general butchering.

Most often, it's mis-used words that are the problem. "Then" when they mean "than." "Your" for "you're". You get the idea.

Anyhow, it's not like everyone has to be perfect. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally. Slashdot just seems to have SO many of these problems that it's sort of gratifying to watch this masked vigilante work. It's not like he's attacking anyone, he's just pointing out the errors.

If I ever get nabbed by ThatMakesNoSense (and it is indeed possible) then I'll chuckle and say, "ya got me." Either that or I'll get all hypocritical and move him to my foes list after cursing at him. hmm.

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Journal Journal: Need harsher metamoderation tags

I just metamoderated an "Informative" moderation as "Unfair". It was for post 5390535 . Thankfully other moderations had already buried the post as -1, Troll.

I wish I could metamoderate certain moderations as "dumbass" or "troll-sekret-agent" or (giving them the benefit of the doubt) "naive-pawn-of-evil" or something.

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Journal Journal: Submitting Articles

I wish that when a submitted article was rejected there was some sort of reason attached. Now, I don't mean a handwritten note from the editor saying, "Hey, thanks but this is a dupe" or something like that. Just a category for the rejections, like moderations.

The editor could reject the story using a dropdown menu with choices like "duplicate", or "badly worded topic/content", or "learn to type", or "woah, enough Star Trek already", or whatever other categories are relevant.

I don't submit stories often, and I'm not one of the early birds. I tend to read Slashdot around lunchtime on the west coast, so lots of geeks have gotten to lots of news before I've gotten there. So it's rare that I think I have a lead and that it hasn't already been submitted.

I also tend to try and search Slashdot before submitting the article to make sure it's not a dupe. (Since sometimes certain editors don't feel like doing it. :P )

Anyways, I've had one or two rejected that were perfect slashdot stories. I thought, "ah, they must have had a hundred submissions on this one, so I waited to see it appear on the page, submitted by someone else," but they never appeared.

Now, my pride isn't exactly attached to my Slashdot account, so I'm not peeved or anything, but I AM confused. I just want some sort of feedback on why they were turned down.

Ah well. Pipe dream, methinks.

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Journal Journal: Sometimes I hate (meta)moderating.

I metamoderate every couple of days. Trying to do my duty as a good /. netizen. (*buzzword!*)

Sometimes I hate it though. I read a comment and want to reply but the discussion is usually over. Take this one for example: 5328815

The discussion is on "Why nerds are unpopular" and the poster is saying that nerds "nerds feel it necessary to lord their supposedly superior intellect over others" and that "is the reason they get stuffed in lockers".

Ok, it was moderated as Insightful and I gave the moderation a Fair mark. I agree the original comment had something to it (perspective-wise)... but I still wanted to leap into the conversation.

Sure, perhaps some nerds get their asses kicked because they're acting superior, but I bet they are in the minority. In fact, I'd go so far as to say the "superior" attitude evolves from being put down for so long. It's sort of a passive retaliation against the aggressors. Admittedly, it doesn't help the situation and will likely lead to more ass-kickings but there it is...

It's just a vicious circle, methinks.

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Journal Journal: I hate the "redundant" moderation.

Geeze, who has time to read every freakin' slashdot comment before posting to make sure it hasn't been said somewhere else?! I think it should only be marked "redundant" if it's a redundant comment in the same thread or in the top level.

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