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Comment There's some grusome bias here (Score 2) 407

"The machine loaded the hardware onto Holbrook's head."

I'm not sure what the literary device is being used here, but that word choice really makes it the entire blurb leading up to this point makes it sound like the robot became sentient and was on a mission. The last line (the bit I quoted) was equal parts gruesome, horrific, and fantastic. I would read a book by whomever wrote the bit there.

Comment Re:Gross... (Score 1) 29

As I understand, Assistant strips away Google Now. I also understand that Assistant is all voice-driven. Hopefully I'm wrong, but if not my two biggest concerns are:

- No more tapping on words to get translations/quick google searches
- Now I have to look like an idiot talking to myself/my phone to do things I could have done silently in the past

Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 920

True, but his actions were basically to see how far somebody could go for $5.00. If he didn't post the proof, nobody would believe him. He further went on to make fun of the media by saying how they take shit out of context and fail to report on the proper story, which, ironically they did again - using that very video as one of their points trying to show that he's antisemitic.

Am I a fan of PewDiePie? Hell no... but this smear campaign by the media is absolutely fucking nuts, and they need to be put in their place way more than a guy that just plays video games for YouTube, and heads to a site to see how far $5.00 will get him.

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