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Comment Re:what about hard copy games? (Score 2) 403

actually, the PSN network is again one of the items that IS marketed with the device. Unlike xbox, PS3 allows free online play as a reason to pay sony for the hardware in the first place.

Removing it after the fact (other than for breach of contract terms) should be considered bait and switch as well.

Comment Re:Depends how locked-down (Score 1) 387

Not sure about Ubuntu, but this is the way to do it in Debian : Disable gdm # update-rc.d -f gdm remove modify /etc/rc.local, add these lines just before "exit 0" ** rc.local - BEGIN su - username -c startx reboot ** rc.local - END add the file /home/username/.xsession ** .xsession - BEGIN #!/bin/sh /path/to/script/that/start/yourapp ** .xsession - END make the .xsession executable # chmod u+x /home/username/.xsession

Along these lines, could you not simply have a "testing" user, and set their shell in /etc/passwd to be "/path/to/testing/app". so what if they change ttys, etc. if they dont have credentials to login to system (except as the kiosk/testing user), they wont be able to "launch browsers, change system settings, etc". at least thats how I used to handle it... (though that was console mode vs inside window manager).

Comment Re:Disk IO (Score 1) 125

Most of the time when I notice any stuttering is also the same time my hard drive lights up

As the drive(s) get busy, pending operations get queued up (disk queue depth) and as such, the machine starts "hanging" waiting for the IOs to finish.

unless of course we're hanging because we're waiting on something to be paged so the app we're running appears frozen), and are expected too, for obvious reasons.

It is obvious. The point here is that the paging operation of the machine makes the problem worse. Especially if you have slow disk(s), or the pagefile/swap space dynamically changes.

primarily, linux does a much better job about not paging unless it starts running out of memory. whereas windows seems to start using it as soon as it boots.

Comment Re:How about GPS tracking the judge? (Score 1) 241

what if the bank has a financial interest in the car, and instead of the judge, it is you. is it ok for the bank to put a tracking device on your car until the loan is completely paid off? this is starting to get really grey area, and freaking me out about people putting tracking devices on our (the people) stuff without our knowledge, and without a warrant.

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