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Comment Why Bother? (Score 1) 248

Humans in general, specifically lawmakers in regards to this article, tend to be reactive rather than proactive. So until a robot, on it's own, propels itself through the middle of downtown, USA with machine guns and laser beams hurting people, then it's a moot point to them.

Comment Re:Military intelligence (Score 3, Informative) 179

What is so secretive and important about a radio tower and roughly 20 personnel? Especially when they have three more of those.

Hell, there's more informative articles on Gitmo, Diego Garcia, and Area 51... and those are still up.

I think someone in the French military got their panties in a wad about nothing...

Comment Wait a minute! (Score 1) 213

You are talking about bringing an institution like Congress into the 21st century? WHOA!

Seriously though, first, that means all the lobbyists have to travel more because all the congresscritters are not located in the same general area. That means that Congressfolk will not need to maintain their residence in their home state and one in DC. That means that all that time that they schedule off during the course of the year, will no longer be required. That means that they will all be closer to their constituents...

They will never go for that, it means that they might actually have to work...

Comment The correct answer is... (Score 1) 573

Go here:

Print out a section.
Put it on a wall.
Throw a dart.
Load that distro.
Post to Slashdot and you'll hear a bunch of good and a bunch of bad about the 'choice' you made.

Seriously though, research some of the mainstream ones (Fedora, OpenSuse, X/K/Ubuntu, etc.) and see what they say. Poke around on some of their forums. Ask the people (and trolls) residing on those forums why you should choose that particular distro. Just remind them that you are not trolling, just looking for honest input.

Comment Re:Gamers tend to be... (Score 1) 393

I think it is hard to call a group of people "Idiots" when they encompass so many demographics. I consider myself a gamer (not console, just PC). However, I may spend a little money on my games, maybe purchasing one or two a year, and I have been screwed by a couple of companies, but to me it is no different than taking my wife to a movie that "looks great" in the previews, but then the previews were the best part of the movie... or worse, getting dragged to some romantic comedy or such crap to endure.

But then again, some people may enjoy their 'passive' entertainment. I enjoy a good movie or a great book, but I still spend money and the producer or publisher may screw me over, but that's just life.

Yeah, Game Stop and their ilk will probably go the way of other industries that specialize in commodities that come and go, but that is part of the business cycle.

Comment Re:Bad journalism (Score 1) 848

How is this different from millionaires in the entertainment industry contributing millions to issues like gun control while making millions off violent movies?

Is it that scientists don't take money and make claims based on donations received? Hell, doctors have been doing this for years... remember the cigarette commercials with doctors promoting the 'benefits' of cigarettes?

It is an easy concept: money talks.

Comment Fair and equitable (Score 2) 848

So, $120 million to over 100 groups over the course of eight years? Really? That works out to less than $15k per group, per year? WHOA!!! Call the media!

Oh wait, I see the problems... first someone is bitching about people exercising free speech in what they donate to. Second, they are worried that the donors may receive tax breaks for their donations. Third because conservatives do something like this MUST mean that liberals WOULD NEVER do anything of the ilk...

I'm going to get more coffee and go back to bed...

Comment Re:did the count every single DDos-packet (Score 1) 569

That's along the same line I was thinking. I kind of think that someone may be either overstating numbers or just full of shit. Of course, 44,000,000 attacks could be done easily... depending on the definition of "attack". But what about researching those "attacks"? I'm sure that is taking some time and effort.

So the government states that they have fended off all of these attacks... like anything else, that just means that they'll probably receive more of the same.

In other words, the article is great for inciting further attacks against the Israelis, a fluff piece for their government, or a way of insuring job security.

Comment Childhood flashback... (Score 2) 297

So I'm now remembering watching Wargames back in 1983... and it makes me remember that I thought it odd that no one would have any kind of overrides in place, human or otherwise...

The article does stipulate that we should ban killer robots now, even though that no one has one or has stated what kind of timeline we can expect for the emergence of these 'killer robots'. To be quite honest, it will take one hell of a long time to get one deployed. Look at how long it takes for the military (specifically the US) to even get aircraft fielded...

I think that this is more of a "Hey, we need to scare people a little so we can get some attention..." than anything else...

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