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Journal Journal: Lots of time but little progress

Well, on my thesis, I have a buggy version of imaginary NURBS bezier curves working. I need to fix the first part, hopefully, it'll work right.

On my SK2Tile editor project, I actually have the images loading correctly from a single directory. Basically, my 'tile' directory will have tiles in it and my 'monster' directory will have monsters in it. I will then be able to view the monsters and select from buttons with the monsters directory on it. I've accomplished the first part, I loaded the monster directory and placed them on a single button. I need to continue this with the other three buttons and create a decient navagation system to allow me to go between them, scroll them and allow for loading different images at a time.

I've done 1/2 an hour of Lightwave3d. I thnk Lightwave is the modeller for me.

The only thing I didn't accomplish that I wanted to is doing more of my ATL / COM book, since I want to whip that thing out. [smiles] and of course, adding BBCode and smilies to yanyan. And possibly a new release.

A whole day with only a minimal of progress. I should have gotten more accopmlished, but I guess I can't have everything.

Journal Journal: Work Work Work

This blogging software is great, but it's subjected tons of daily spam. I figure I lose 50 megs to spam a month, maybe more. I could take the time to skin my blog to disquise my referals, but I'd sill be recieving spam, you'd, the reader, just won't see it. That is unacceptable.

Due to the Highlight exploit, I removed phpBB and installed punBB. punBB has a newspage, which is simular to a blog, enough so that I'm going to eliminate this blog all together and use my forum as my new blog.

I'll still use Slashdot to backup my blog regardless.
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Journal Journal: Wow, long time

I've been working hard off and on, but I've failed to post much.

Completed a Wiki, the <a href="">Done to Death Wiki</a>, a complete wiki which will eliminate some of my D2D topic monitoring needs on gaia. Hopefully, this experiment will work well and we'll have a great resource for gaia. My slight niggle with a wiki is style of the writting. When a single person maintains a document, the style stays very constant, but with many people, the style may change or become confused. Already we have our first change, a good one, and I'm fighting the urge to change it to how I'd write it. XD

I really don't want to be a Nazi moderator.

I've done some work on 5 mirrors and talked to my co-creators on different ideas we have for the game. I haven't had any luck with getting around to the map editor project nor have I had any significant progress on my thesis.

Whenever I start a life-changing event, I lose the ability to manage my time effectively. I'm just starting to realign my life of juggling a gf, a semi-crappy job and my mandatory and elective hobbies. Hopefully, this is a first post on the road to more progress.
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Journal Journal: 5 Mirrors

Right now, it's called <i>5 mirrors</i>. I've completed 10 pages of simple documentation on it, although it's far from a completed design document.

User Interface, Engine and basic design goals have been written out, but puzzles and maps have not been created. yet.

It's a project involving Dawn, Sarah and myself.
Sarah, Dawn and myself are designers
Sarah will be doing artwork
Dawn will be doing QA
I'll be the main programmer.

Hopefully, it'll all look pretty near the end. I've gotten lots of positive feedback already, which is always good. I'd rather work in groups then my solo Slime King 2, so I'm going to put it on the back burner for a while and continue with my design work.

And of course, teh thesis. :(
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Journal Journal: SK2 Tile Engine Alpha

My tile engine works, except for dynamic coloring. Not sure if I want to add that yet or not.

I need to do some simple culling and some background work and I'll have the perfect engine.

I need to work on a map editor of sorts; I wasted a lot of time looking at different mapeditors, when really there isn't one that works 'good enough' for my needs. My three choices are to create my own awful map editor, to hand code everything in ANSI or to jury rig one of the freeware tile creation tools for my needs. I think the second one is the best, but I'll end up doing the first or third one.

I might want to create a VB or Java map editing tool, which might be neat. I still need to do a better design, because SK2 is not as well thought out as I originally intended. Some of the functions are WAY out there and make little sense.

I might clean some of the engine code with 'lessons learned', but right now, I have a possible new project. I had a falling out with Erynn, but Dawn, Sarah and I are thinking of continuing the adventure game project.

I also have to create a network library in 2 months. :(

Thesis! Thesis! Thesis!

Why isn't life simple?
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Journal Journal: SK2 Tile Engine Progressing

I thought I'd work on SK2 for two hours then work on my Thesis for the rest of the day.

I was thinking about creating a structure like this:
  - CTileEngine
  - CSprite

But I decided that I was over-engineering the problem, so I went with
- CSprite

Where CSprite access CTileEngine through a friend function. It'll speed things up a bit. It means I can't simply drop in a new CTileEngine if I switched engines on my next project, says, to a vector based engine, but it'll be much speedier on this project. :D

Basically, it works exactly like my font library. It loads everything up and then it spits out each word until you need a state change, which it renders everything, changes the state and continues until we run out of data, which it flushes everything out.

Hopefully, my engine will rock. It's taken too damn long to make...
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Journal Journal: Fixed

Fixed some niggles which were bugging me on my website. I still need to work the corners and skin the forums.

My lua test says:
Normal Program is 1k
A lua hello world program is 14k
Using my lua script is 18k

This is a debug build, so it'll be a bit smaller in production, but the scripts will be much larger. Still it's nothing.

I'm still a little worried about lua's speed, since each lua script may pol for characters & game state information plus message passing between each script might end up being too much n a low-end system. Damn not having a low-end system to run test code on.

I think I'll run the test downstairs on our PIII, rather then my beefy PIV. Who knows, maybe it'll tell me my system is all right.
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Journal Journal: Website Design done.

Finally, I'm so close I can taste it.

I have to fix the menus and space a few things, but the main website is done.

My final Fantasy-ish website is perfect. It takes too much code to do this, but when CSS3 is out, I can decrease the amount of code a ton.

Anyways, I'm late again, so peace out. :P

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