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Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

She won California by more than she "won" the country, 4.2 million votes to 2.8 million votes.

Outside of New York and California, Trump won by 3 million votes. Those two liberal states contributed more than twice her margin of "victory".

Daily Mail Story

Any attempt to eliminate the Electoral College and to elect the president by popular vote is a de facto attempt to concentrate political power in those two states even more so than it already is.

In fact, she won Cook County Illinois by nearly 1.1 million votes, and Los Angeles County California by nearly 1.3 million votes. Those two counties alone are 2.3 to 2.4 million of her 2.8 million vote "win", with the rest coming from either Manhattan or any two of Brooklyn, Queens, or Bronx.

Comment Re:Except they didn't. (Score 1) 455

The real solution is to make H1B job replacement treated the way that dual-use or military export-controlled technology is treated. When you export the product you are responsible for verifying that the purchaser is who they say they are and that they are qualified to receive the technology. If you don't do this then you as the exporter are guilty.

If a company like Disney outsources their IT department then Disney should be legally responsible if they don't verify that the outsourcing firm is not replacing US residents with H1B employees, which would be illegal if Disney did it directly.

Expect GREAT resistance to any suggestion like this by the entire outsourcing industry and the companies they serve.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

The first two below may fit your definition of "terrorist". I added the other two for more flavor.

The Dallas police shooter (Micah Johnson) was honorably discharged from the Army after sexual harassment allegations (perhaps due to an administrative error).

Nidal Hasan was a US Army major when he killed 13 and injured more than 30 others at Fort Hood.

Christopher Dorner was an honorably discharged Naval Reservist.

Sgt William Kreutzer Jr. killed one officer and wounded 18 soldiers at Fort Bragg in 1995.

Comment Too Close... Ha! (Score 1) 634

I find it really amusing that some in the Remain camp are complaining that this was too close a vote for such an important topic.

Might I remind everyone that this was a slightly larger win, percentage-wise, than Obama's "landslide" re-election victory over Romney. (Maybe we should have a do-over on that one too.) If this had been a 50.5% to 49.5% Remain victory then this would have been considered Settled Once And For All.

If you cared so damn much you should have got your ass out and voted in the first place.

If you really want to prove right all of the people who are angry that they're not being listened to and that the government doesn't care what they have to say, then ignore this vote. The reason we don't have armed revolts is because people have the ballot box. Eventually you'll get what you deserve if you take that away from them.

Comment Re: Slow them with real traffic (Score 1) 767

This is one reason why there are curvy-ass streets instead of nice straight ones in many places, or streets that T and require you to zig-zag through neighborhoods (especially in the Phoenix suburbs where the flat land lends itself nicely to a regular grid). There are also speed bumps put on the half-mile street I live near to keep the speed at 25 mph (actually people just slow down to 20 to go over them and then it's just back up to 35 to 40). These are attempts to make the roads undesirable to through traffic.

Yes, I live in an HOA area (hard to find new housing NOT in one in the Phoenix suburbs) but it is NOT gated and has public roads. You may be surprised to note that a community does NOT have to have gates to have private roads, at least here. The roads just have to be owned and maintained by the HOA and has to be posted as private.

Comment What you HAVE is not as protected as what you KNOW (Score 1) 224

The government can compel you to give over certain things that you posses, and the use of fingerprints is so old that there is no question that they can do with that pretty much what they want.

What is protected is your right not to give testimony against yourself. A password is covered. A fingerprint is not. Facial recognition would not be covered either. Remember that before using those whiz-bang new features.

Comment Re:So how do we detect if we have it? (Score 1) 67

To the general public, "PC" means (at least in the computer sense) what used to be called IBM PC-compatible Personal Computer running Windows. Yes, while it's more accurate to say "Windows PC", people in general recognize PC as a Windows machine, and Mac as an Apple OS machine. Do you talk about a "Mac" or an "OS X PC?"

Linux would be "you mean that thing on Big Bang Theory?"

Comment Re:Chaotic Systems (Score 5, Insightful) 148

What's really sad is that now you don't have "opponents", you have "enemies".

Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill were two men with diametrically opposed beliefs and politics, but they did not hate each other. They were opponents, not enemies. They respected each other and were friendly, though not really the "friends" that some people see in the glow of nostalgia. They both believed in doing the best thing for the country and each knew that's what the other was trying to do too. They just had opposing views of what was best.

That doesn't happen today. People seem to believe that things are a zero-sum game where the only way they can profit is to take from you and the that only way you can profit is to take from them. If they won, then you lost. Nothing is a Win-Win. You must crush your enemy. (And probably drive them before you so you can hear the lamentations of their women.)

When asked about what "enemies" she'd made in her political carrier that she was proud of, one of Hillary's answers was "the Republicans." (The Republicans aren't much better, unfortunately.) Now why on Earth should anyone who considers themself a Republican have any trust in or respect for someone who says that you and they are "enemies"? Even crazy Uncle Joe [Biden] doesn't consider Republicans as "enemies" (though I doubt they're the "friends" he claims they are).

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