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Submission + - Porn to be blocked by Australian Goverment (

wallior writes: In a bid to swing voters, John Howard is promising $189 million (AU) on 'cleaning up the internet'. Blocking pornography, removing terror sites and scouring MySpace and Facebook for online predators. Also included will be free internet blocking tools available for all families. The presentation was primarily aimed at Christian voters.

"...the federal Government will enter an unprecedented partnership with service providers to filter pornography at the source..."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Laptop thief shown on web fined (

An anonymous reader writes: A video of a man stealing a laptop computer posted on YouTube and Google video has resulted in a man being convicted for the theft. The video showed a man walking past a computer shop and then going into the store. He walked around the shop for some time before closing the lid on a laptop and walking away from it. He then walked back to the laptop and put it under his coat before leaving the shop.

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