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Comment Re:I think the card would be a good idea IF (Score 1) 367

According to the fine article:

the European Commission is exploring the theoretical possibilities of forcing online review platforms into using government IDs as online identities

So, this effort isn't focused on basic internet connectivity. It's still creepy, and I for one won't be (further) compromising my (delusional) anonymity just to make an uncompensated contribution to business. It makes me sad to think of how the integrity of online reviews might be even more degraded as an unintended consequence of this action. Fortunately, TFA makes it sound as if this proposal might not become law.

Comment Honey Pot (Score 2) 184

This sounds like the makings of a target-rich nailing list for the Feds. Sure, let them build it. We want to see who comes! Now we can concentrate our not inconsiderable assets on cracking this who's who list of the criminal underworld. Why, it's almost as if they had something to hide...

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