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Comment Re:They Were Actually Frauds (Score 1) 148

Really. I called in and my experience was the same as yours up to "if they found it interesting they would call me back". They didn't tell me the call would be scripted or researched. Why the heck would they tell the caller if they did that? I really don't think that they have an obligation to disclose and would have nothing to gain by it. You sure you're talking about Cartalk here?

Comment Re:Internet-spreading ? Or covert agent ? (Score 1) 386

Interesting that you make out the US to be the governing authority for Cuban computer purchases. Cuba can purchase the same computers you can purchase in the US, just not from the US. I don't know how accessible the Internet is outside the resorts, but it has certainly been available in the resorts for at least a few years now. Very slow and expensive a few years ago but indeed there.

I guess they make exceptions for those with hard currency to leave behind, but this is a communist government and the Internet truly is the opiate of the masses... not to be trusted. Can you imagine the reaction these cats had when they were briefed about how easy it is for a PC to use ssl/ssh and how much privacy it affords the user? There is a big difference between developing countries and developing communist countries, as I'm sure Mr. Gross is currently aware.

The Courts

Man Sues Rockstar Saying GTA:SA Is Based On His Life 124

dotarray writes "From the article: 'Rockstar Games are no strangers to legal action, but it doesn't come stranger than this. An American model, Michael Washington (known as "Shagg") is suing the publisher — as well as parent company Take Two Interactive — because they based Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on his life.'" It's a good thing Washington never learned the infinite ammo cheat.

Advent Calendar For Geeks 65

bLanark writes "Well, as children and adults all over the world begin their day with chocolate, with the traditional Advent calendar, I'd like to remind you that there's an alternative for geeks. The Perl Advent calendar will give you a new Perl tip every day right up to Christmas."

Comment Re:Missing Option (Score 1) 469

My mother also told me about some guy in a red suit that drops off gifts, a rabbit who delivers candy eggs and a cash-for-bicuspids program. She also told my brother that he was a great drummer.

It's called diplomacy, which is something less likely to be used by governments starting this week.

Comment DSLR doesn't mean superior (Score 2, Interesting) 446

"Banned" Nikon D40 DSLR
Standard 18-55mm zoom lens

"Legal" Nikon P7000 digital camera
10.1 megapixel
28-200mm zoom lens

Both cameras feature an "automatic" setting that allows the camera to take great pictures. The legal one looks much less conspicuous and doesn't have to be held at your eye to take a photo.


State of Virginia Technology Centers Down 190

bswooden writes "Some rather important departments (DMV, Social Services, Taxation) in the state of Virginia are currently without access to documents and information as a technology meltdown has caused much of their infrastructure to be offline for over 24 hours now. State CIO Sam Nixon said, 'A failure occurred in one memory card in what is known as a "storage area network," or SAN, at Virginia's Information Technologies Agency (VITA) suburban Richmond computing center, one of several data storage systems across Virginia.' How does the IT for some of the largest departments in a state come to a screeching halt over a single memory card? Oh, and also, the state is paying Northrup Grumman $2.4 billion over 10 years to manage the state's IT infrastructure." Reader miller60 adds, "Virginia's IT systems drew scrutiny last fall when state agencies reported rolling outages due to the lack of network redundancy."
Classic Games (Games)

Researchers Reprogram Voting Machine To Run Pac-man 132

Philom writes "Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that electronic voting machines can be reprogrammed to steal votes, so when researchers Alex Halderman and Ari Feldman got their hands on a machine called the Sequoia AVC Edge, they decided to do something different: they reprogrammed it to run Pac-Man. As states move away from insecure electronic voting, there's a risk that discarded machines will clog our landfills. Fortunately, these results show that voting machines can be recycled to provide countless hours of entertainment."

Plastic Bottle Catamaran Crosses The Pacific Ocean 56

The Plastiki, a catamaran made with plastic bottles, has completed a 8,000 mile trip between San Francisco and Sydney. Captain David de Rothschild said, "The Plastiki is literally a metaphorical message in a bottle about beating waste and reducing our human fingerprints on our natural environment." The boat will go on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum for the next month.

Southwest Adds 'Mechanical Difficulties' To Act Of God List 223

War, earthquakes, and broken washers are all unavoidable events for which a carrier should not be liable if travel is delayed according to Southwest Airlines. Southwest quietly updated their act of God list a few weeks ago to include mechanical problems with the other horrors of an angry travel god. From the article: "Robert Mann, an airline industry analyst based in Port Washington, NY, called it 'surprising' that Southwest, which has a reputation for stellar customer service, would make a change that puts passengers at a legal disadvantage if an aircraft breakdown delays their travel. Keeping a fleet mechanically sound 'is certainly within the control of any airline,' Mann said. 'Putting mechanical issues in the same category as an act of God — I don't think that's what God intended.'"

Comment Re:Shrimp free zone? (Score 1) 643

Read the article again and substitute anthrax for peanuts. For those of us with a peanut allergy, there is little difference. "ONE passenger has ONE incident with anthrax and we want to ban it"... If anyone wants to make an informed decision about this, this will help. The specific problem with peanuts, as opposed to strawberries or shrimp, is the "dust". Just look at the tiny stuff at the bottom of the peanut bag. With such a high density of peanut snacks being popped open up at pretty much the same time it can be overwhelming and I too have been affected by it. One or two people eating a bag of peanuts wouldn't be a bad thing but serving peanuts is carpet bombing us. The "great ventilation" works against us as is stirs more of this dust than it removes. I have had a couple of occasions where I had to ask (read as tell) the flight attendants that I was heading to the back to sit in their jump seats after peanuts had been served. I haven't been on a flight in decades where peanuts were served, I thought they ALL realized that pretzels were just as acceptable as peanuts. If Air Canada is short sighted enough to serve peanuts to all the passengers then they should be required to build the industry's only buffer zone.

What Do You Call People Who "Do HTML"? 586

gilgongo writes "It's more than 10 years since people started making a living writing web page markup, yet the job title (and role) has yet to settle down. Not only that, but there are different types of people who write markup: those that approach the craft as essentially an integration task, and those that see it as part of UI design overall. The situation is further complicated by the existence of other roles in the workplace such as graphic designer and information architect. This is making recruitment for this role a real headache. So, how do you describe people who 'do HTML' (and CSS and maybe a bit of JavaScript and graphics manipulation)? Some job titles I've seen include: Design Technologist, Web Developer, Front-end Developer, HTML/CSS Developer, Client-side Developer and UI Engineer. Do you have any favourite job titles for this role?"

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