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Comment Re:Great for hype, not great for teaching (Score 1) 126

Actualy Lindon has gone even futher in the last week to keep you safe from the flying dongs, facehumping creatures, and 6-foot fox-like creatures with strap-ons. They have been segrated to there own continent and you have to be age verified to even go there. So if you dont want it you wont see it. If you wanna see it, it is all cramed together now!!! ROCK ON.

Comment Re:Might wait to see if this turns out to be true (Score 1) 369

Well my worry is this is just the start of the new way to sell OS is not by the processor or users that it used to be. But by the apps you need be able to run at one time. 3 App Version is cheep or free. 6 App is general user. 12 Buisness and 24 is power user. (I am just thowing out number of corse.) But if I pay for an OS I dont want to upgrade ust to run more at one time. BUT THIS DOES SOUND A LOT A GOOD MARKITING MODEL FOR "CLOUD" COMPUTING, and pay for your apps, not your OS.

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