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Comment No Excuse Anymore For Not Labeling GMO Foods (Score 1) 470

So since seemingly all GMO foods are completely safe and have been thoroughly tested by Monsanto and other companies, we can label them in clear language that they are GMO products and a URL to the specific GMO modifications in plain language.
Of course, this is about as likely as simple gun control measures in the US. If there is nothing to hide, let's not hide it!!!
I actually don't mind certain GMO modifications, like making potatoes less toxic. But other things, like adding natural insect toxins and repellents to plants are an issue. It's not that the more benign ones are going to kill you directly, anymore than they are directly killing bees, usually parasites kill the bees because of their weakened immune systems (also weakened by pesticides). Many of these natural toxins are not fatal to humans, but they are mildly toxic to us if you are young and healthy, no problem. If lots of different products make these changes and you add them together, and if you are undergoing chemotherapy or some other weakening condition, you shouldn't be eating stuff with those types of modifications. In the US, how would you know, most of these aren't labeled. If Monsanto admits that some people shouldn't eat certain modified products then people might not buy them, so F*CK you weak people.

When there is nothing to hide, all researchers will be able to test these products and Monsanto and others, will welcome this extra testing. We might even engage in some long term testing of certain modifications on small groups of humans and/or animals instead of the entire population at once.

None of this will change until hundreds of thousands of people are definitively proven to have been hurt by this. It probably won't be something that happens quickly, but only from long term exposure. When it does happen, no matter how many warnings were received by these companies from their own people, no one will be prosecuted. After all, if your a greedy businessman, that is considered normal and it would be uncivilized to hold you accountable.

Thanks for all the GMO fish.

Comment Still looking for a real replacement (Score 1) 286

I haven't found anything suggested so far that has the features important to me in Evernote.
I want to be able to clip partial and entire web pages as well as tag stuff too.
I just tried Turtl and I can't clip an entire web page (including graphics too), I looked at Onenote and it doesn't run on Vista which is what my laptop runs.
So far Evernote is untouchable. I'm on the free version of Evernote and would like to switch. Is there anything close to being as good as Evernote?

Submission + - Sourceforge staff takes over a user's account and wraps their software installer ( 11

An anonymous reader writes: Sourceforge staff took over the account of the GIMP-for-Windows maintainer claiming it was abandoned and used this opportunity to wrap the installer in crapware. Quoting Ars:

SourceForge, the code repository site owned by Slashdot Media, has apparently seized control of the account hosting GIMP for Windows on the service, according to e-mails and discussions amongst members of the GIMP community—locking out GIMP's lead Windows developer. And now anyone downloading the Windows version of the open source image editing tool from SourceForge gets the software wrapped in an installer replete with advertisements.

Comment Salary and wages are for peons (Score 1) 482

Steve Jobs understood this. The rich structure their compensation as much as possible to come in the form of capital gains and dividends. Why pay payroll taxes and regular income tax rates on your compensation if you're rich. Long term capital gains are taxed at a much lower rate and have no payroll taxes taken out. With backdated stock options you can control your compensation precisely.

Comment AMD Obsoletes Its GPU Card Drivers Too Quickly (Score 1) 110

I have used 2 AMD cards programming OpenCl on Linux, a HD4650 and a HD7770. My 4650 card was obsoleted by the AMD proprietary drivers in 18 months, my HD7770 is being obsoleted (for new Linux and OpenCL support) by AMD as I write this, after about 2 years. This means if I want to keep doing OpenCl development, I have to use the old driver and old kernels, old xservers, and current version of OpenCl, etc.
I don't think think I will buy AMD again for this reason. Nvidia doesn't obsolete their cards anywhere near as quickly on Linux. If you buy a top of the line AMD card, you will probably get more than 2 years of support, but you lose even more money when it is obsoleted.
I will buy Nvidia next time, but only one of their new Maxwell chipsets or newer, but admittedly, that won't be a perfect solution either. Both solutions have major flaws. If you can afford to buy new GPU cards every 2 or 3years, go with AMD, otherwise, get Nvidia.

Comment Re:Uh... no (Score 1) 135

My town's politicians were bought out by the cable monopoly in the Chicago suburbs and those towns whose politicians didn't sell out got the same fiber network built throughout just like everyone else. We have to pay higher prices here, because there's a guaranteed monopoly granted by corrupt politicians.
There is no black and white choice of monopolies or socialism, we just need to pass better laws to prevent monopolies we have, because capitalism doesn't work without protection from monopolies. Monopolies are the Achilles heel of capitalism.

Comment Re:Upside Down World (Score 0) 443

In many other parts of the world, gun ownership is legally required (after your mandatory militia service). Such places have very low violent crime rates. What's your point?

Can you name one of the countries that do that. Israel does NOT allow gun ownership unless you live in or frequently travel to "the settlements" (kibbutz's). The military hasn't allowed troops to bring their guns home for years, they are stored at the post.

Switzerland, no longer allows it's soldiers to bring home guns either. Crime rate is still low too ;)

Remember, guns don't stop crimes, people do!

Comment Re:Before you make fun... (Score 1) 98

You are basically right, although it is directly the amount of alcohol in the wine creating the legs, which reflects the percentage of sugar which has been converted to wine. Sometimes they add alcohol or more sugar to create a higher alcohol content in the wine, so a sweet wine could have a high alcohol content as a result, but traditionally a wine with more alcohol has less sugar content, because that is needed to create the alcohol unless the wine is fortified with alcohol.

Comment A practial look an fanboy-ism (Score 1) 272

If you identify with any of the tools you use: OS's, programming languages, platforms, then an attack on the tool you identify with, is an attack on yourself. You will vehemently defend an attack on your self identity. The only practical way to avoid fanboy-ism is to be a professional and not to identify with your tools, simply realize, that every useful thing is a tool and not 'who you are'. Then you can give a professional opinion on any of your tools, the pluses and minuses, without having to feel threatened emotionally.

Comment Re:It looks like crap (Score 1) 138

Obviously, nobody here can "think out of the boxee", what pathetically pablum sucking dweebs. Since the size is about that of a coke can, you can't stack anything on it and if would fit next to anything you already have. Of course, the RF remote control means it doesn't have to be visible at all! Now get back in to your boxes and go back to sleep.

Comment The Irony of It All (Score 1) 135

Keyboards are supposed to have more bacteria than a toilet seat. That means every time I start typing a program I have destroyed the solution to one of life's great problems. My keyboard solves problems I couldn't possibly program solutions too!!

I guess I should just retire and each day take a picture of my keyboard to save the current solution to a problem, then piss on it to erase the current solution and start the new program running. I guess if it is not to complex a problem, I can take a picture of my toilet seat to solve it.

Currently, the bacteria on my keyboard has the solution "42", but I don't know what the question is??? Oh piss on it.

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