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Comment Re: Seems simple enough (Score 1) 278

FAA has an airworthiness directive (not safet to fly) against certain cockpit displays in the 777 and 787 because susceptibility to WiFi causing the displays to blank. No always the passenger's device the FAA is worried about not being made correctly.

Comment Re:"fear" words et al (Score 3, Informative) 100

From the research paper:

The lexicon has entries for about 24,200 word–sense pairs. The information from different senses of a word is combined by taking the union of all emotions associated with the different senses of the word. This resulted in a word-level emotion association lexicon for about 14,200 word types. These files are together referred to as the NRC Emotion Lexicon version 0.92.

Comment Re:VS (Score 1) 433

It's actually more likely to build resistance - because USians pay for their medicine, they are much less likely to complete a course of antibiotics.

I disagree. Antibiotics aren't a recurring prescription. When you get the script it is for the full course. So you have to pay for the complete treatment or get nothing. There is no in-between.

Comment Re:china copys us stuff and pass it off as there o (Score 5, Informative) 373

For example most microwaves are missing the ability to have constant output with variable power level. Now microwaves duty cycle unless you by the higher end Panasonic with "Inverter Technology". What was once standard component is now a differentiating feature for higher price models.

Comment Re:Hypocrites (Score 1) 696

Almost all of the stuff in the released documents were things that would have been reported in newspapers 50 years ago. But in this age of embedded journalism, military officers working as media pundits The People is missing the key ingredient to preventing war, understanding how terrible it is.

Thank you, I glad to read that someone else understands.

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