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Journal Journal: An interesting poem

This comes courtesy of John.


At the noisy end of the café, head bent
over the table, an old man sits alone,
a newspaper in front of him.

And in the miserable banality of old age
he thinks how little he enjoyed the years
when he had strength, and wit, and looks.

He knows he's very old now: sees it, feels it.
Yet it seems he was young just yesterday.
The time's gone by so quickly, gone by so quickly.

And he thinks how Discretion fooled him,
how he always believed, so stupidly,
that cheat who said: "Tomorrow. You have plenty of time."

He remembers impulses bridled, the joy
he sacrificed. Every chance he lost
now mocks his brainless prudence.

But so much thinking, so much remembering
makes the old man dizzy. He falls asleep,
his head resting on the café table.

C.P. Cavafy (1897)

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Journal Journal: Beating my own record 3

Moderation Totals: Flamebait=1, Redundant=1, Insightful=1, Interesting=1, Informative=3, Overrated=3, Total=10.. on this post.

I admit my post is not informative at all, and it was just what I thought at the time, so I'm not surprised that this modding ;-)

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Journal Journal: Moderation madness 1

On my latest post, I've been moderated:

Moderation Totals: Troll=1, Insightful=1, Interesting=2, Overrated=1, Underrated=1, Total=6.

Cripes! All across the board there. All I need is a +1 Funny and -1 Flamebait to make the set.


Journal Journal: My first accepted submission!

After submitting stories to Slashdot for gawd knows how long, I've finally had one accepted! It's not up yet, but I'll link to it when it is. Great news!

It relates to my below post on building a computer. I might be a techie, but I'm not really confident with how memory addressing works at the component level. Address buses, address managers, logic circuits, etc etc.. I'm a computer guy, not an electronics engineer. Hopefully the readers of Slashdot will be able to help me through my Ask Slashdot question.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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Journal Journal: Journal Post Numbers

I've just noticed the numbers running alongside the journal entries. They're not sequential, so I'm assuming they're a global 'journal entry' number. But if that's true, how comes they hardly go up? For two posts that are 12 hours apart, the number went up by 7. Does this mean only 7 other people posted to their journal in this time? If so, that's kinda crap ;-) Doesn't anyone use these things?

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Journal Journal: Building my own computer

Whenever someone says 'I'm going to build my own computer', you imagine homebrew kit and someone actually putting together their own PC.

Well, I usually put my own computers together, but I mean something different this time.

I'm actually going to build my OWN computer. Not a PC. I'm going to design it from the ground up (almost.. I'll use an existing CPU!). I've been sniffing around for some 8086 chips, which are ultra cheap now. Even Pentium chips are cheap now. You can buy 100 of them for $15 on eBay sometimes. Great opportunity to play and mess them up ;-)

I want to keep to a slow speed though. I'll probably run an 8086 at the regular 4.77Mhz, get it all hooked up and working, hook up memory, and an EEPROM.. and write a BASIC interpreter or something. I wanted to write a Perl interpreter, but heck.. Perl is the WORST language you could have on a small scale system(!!) Memory hog ahoy. BASIC just seems a bit obvious though.

I'll see when I get to that stage.. I might start on that bit early and use BOCHS to test. Not sure if BOCHS can emulate from memory though.. it might need a disk image. I don't want to get into all that, so perhaps I'll be looking for another 808x emulator.

Any suggestions or advice? I really need it. This should be a fun project though.

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Journal Journal: And so it begins. 1

I've been a Slashdot 'member' for a few years now, but have only been contributing for the past year.

I've seen a few of these journals about, and wondered how to make one of my own. I looked around my settings area, but couldn't work it out. Then one day I saw it. And they call me observant!

I figure I'll post some stuff here.. although I don't know if anyone will be reading it. If you are, do let me know!

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