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Comment Who's assuming humans will stay the same? (Score 1) 311

So the argument goes; what's to stop us humans from augmenting ourselves with computers and/or genetically modifying ourselves to better interact with our silicon brethren? Nothing. Therefore, it will happen.

In fact it's already happening, mobile phones, VR, no longer teaching cursive in schools, eletronic contact lenses, life-extension, brain-to-brain communication, herman millar aeron chairs. The list goes on.

Comment Re:Err on the side of caution (Score 3, Informative) 55

Adding; the species A. aegypti is the mosquito that carries Zika and is present in the United State mainland along the Gulf Coast and also in AZ. There is a ~3 day window after a mosquito bites someone who is infected before someone else can be infected but after that it's for the lifetime of the mosquite (total 15 days). No natively transmitted Zika has been reported in the continental US, but it is expected that 20% of the population of Puerto Rico will be infected by Zika by the end of the year.

Comment Re:Chris Anderson is the only reason they exist (Score 1) 19

Nah, don't think so. You sound disgruntled. For one thing, the Solo is quite a bit faster than the Phantom; but it does feel expensive and it does have a shorter flight time. I think you have to cut them some slack for attempting to take on a vastly larger company (though they messed up doing it). The lack of the gimbal early on hurt them greatly.

I've looked at the ARDUpilot (frontend) stuff -- admittedly very briefly -- and it just looks old (like mid 2000's kind of old) and are you saying it (ARDUpilot GUI) is only Windows? Well, yea then it has to go. But that is just the GUI. I have not had a problem with using the python API as far as reliability goes -- it does not ever crash. It is layered on top of ARDUpilot API. And the documentation is actually pretty good.

However, that being said, currently their customer support for developers is pretty bad and it seems clear that this is a response to the turmoil they are experiencing.

Comment Re:FORUMS NEEDS TO GO! (Score 1) 480

It's fucking unbelievable how much trouble people interacting with other people on the internet has caused for so many people.

Let's ignore how fundamentally broken it is, as a technology, in almost every respect. That includes its fucking awful historical association with trolls, its total lack of real insight (sorry, Anonymous' are opinions complete shit), its ultra shitty set of mutually incompatible ideas, memes, and non sequitur invective (WHICH IS THIS SHOUT SHOUTY SHO), and similar problems.

Typing stuff on the Internet has allowed too many unskilled cranks to shit out way too many words. It was one thing when they did it in Ancient Rome, Cicero or Julius Caesar #vinividivici. Awesome. Now it's being done in people's basements, and it's a motherfucking disaster!

Worse, communication has enabled the for-profit media industry. Google makes it trivial for them to track every word you type. If you don't want to fall victim to it, then you have to use a VPN or anonymous mode or TOR or something, I don't know who cares? Just give me my groupon, OK?

Forums need to go.

If you really need to use an idea delivery technology, use a letter, or a parchment, or even a goddamn cave painting . All three of them are better than Internet in every way.

Comment Re:Where To Go From Here? (Score 1) 67

No I think they do, though admittedly it's very narrow. In this case it's "construct new rules automatically (about winning Go) after experiencing winning and losing Go". The difference is the rules about how to play and the single Goal (winning) and what winning looks like are predefined. The objective function about how to go about winning is what is learned. For a different game insert new game mechanics and end positions and then let the same optimizer run. It might be interesting to se what happens if you just simply randomize the rules and winning position millions of times and let the system learn that (a general piece-board-position game solver). This was an idea of Fisher wasn't it? Let the players take turns to set up the position to get them "out of book."

Comment Re:GTX 980 is not "upper midrange" (Score 1) 59

The 980 is probably best for neural networks in terms $ for capability while Titan-X has more memory but requires additional extra money. Google's Deep Dreams runs 100x faster than CPU NN, but for video it runs out of memory for anything over HD. Not sure if Titan-X can do 4K. Supposedly both of them get blown away by the new stuff this year. Another benchmark, but not completely disconnected to games.

Comment Child Pornographers and Terrorists (Score 4, Insightful) 546

Good ol' child pornographers and terrorists, the ubiquitous go-to for governments when they want to convince their citizens intrusion of their privacy is reasonable. There should be a variant of Godwin's Law for this; as such is a sure sign they have no reasonable justification. As a student of the Constitution, the President should know that the 4th amendment exists to guard personal liberty against a not-always-trustworthy federal government, and if the last few years have proven anything, it's proven we sure can't trust the FBI.

Comment Re:What Is it? (Score 1) 47

Express is a nodejs FRP implementation for attaching functionality to URL endpoints in HTTP servers as first made popular by Ruby's Sinatra and then later adopted by frameworks (e.g Django/Flask for Python) and various others. Loosely, in it (them) a string associated with a URL(s) is attached to a function and a REST verb (GET, POST, etc). Whenever that URL is requested, the function is called; these strings may be regular expressions. Multiple such attachments may be made for the same URL. As such, it is extremely popular and serves as a linchpin to servers implemented with node.

Comment Re:why land on legs? (Score 2) 51

In this case it is now suggested that the cause was simply leg #3 -- there are 4 legs by the way -- failed to lock out due to the failure of a locking collet possibly because of ice buildup, but like you said still impressive. Using legs seem to be easier than arresting the fall with cables; the cables would weigh a lot as they would need to withstand decelerating 25 tons; they would have to uncoil explosively with an aiming system, a launcher and enough energy to throw out the cables; and even though this falcon 9 did come close to being exactly on target (1.4 meters) -- pretty good after being 100 km in space -- that's still off-center enough to cause problems with such a cable system. Finally, this was the last of the Falcon 9 v1.1, the next version, which already flew in December in fact, have improved landing gear.

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