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Comment Re:book prices too high (Score 1) 135

There are plenty of works of fiction, not as many as there should be, that are below $5. Most are indie but they are still pretty good and it is about time indie books became big. The problem is most 'published' books. It kind of disappointed me that more research based books aren't cheaper but I kind of understand it. Unfortunately I am not really a avid fan of fiction.

Comment book prices too high (Score 1) 135

They really need to reduce prices on ebooks. high price on new books is ok but if they don't drop the price it is not like they are getting part of used book sales. that or they need to enable ebook resale. preferably both. I love my kindle and this is pretty much its only down side that I really have a problem with.

Comment unfair advantage (Score 1) 210

Computer desktops are a lot easier to organize. While you can put folders in other folders they can't be accessed without taking the parent directory out. My desktop has many layers of subfolders to organize and if all the data were included in a similar fashion to a 'real' desktop it would be much messier.

Comment Re:easy and necessary fix. (Score 1) 283

How about no phones during class time period? Do children not have ANY reason to have a phone? It is only when it is used during class time that it interferes. And the phone ringing counts as using. So a confiscate any found phones might keep them off or at least on silent when they can be disruptive but not removing them completely, i.e. no random searches.

Comment Re:Sell Out. (Score 1) 142

The rich and powerful he is trying to out are large multi national corporations, large governments and the like. Not people selling t-shirts with their face on them. Your analogy would be like saying anyone trying to stop drunk driving should not consume any liquid.

Comment Re:€ (euro) (Score 1) 868

"the vast majority are swayed by the hundreds of millions/billions of dollars the corporations pour into elections..." So what you are saying is that broken voters get a broken system? Followed by "The issue is that it will take people voting in politicians who want to fix that" reads as voters doing their job will fix the situation not removal of the money. The only other option is to tell some people they aren't 'special' enough to vote, what exactly is the criteria for that? Yeah it sucks for the rest of us but banning money doesn't solve the real problem, voters aren't paying attention you've confused the symptom and cause.

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