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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Living on the command line? (

LichtSpektren writes: Last month, Bryan Lunduke of Network World began a public experiment where he tried to live 30 days without using, i.e. using the command line exclusively. He ended up surrendering on day 10 because "attempting to use sites such as Google+, LinkedIn or Facebook—directly from terminal-based web browsers—is a truly painful experience. It can be made to work. Really. It can. But it’s just no fun at all." The series will probably come across as amusingly posh to people that spend most of their day in the terminal, but it is interesting note that Lunduke ends by saying that after the experiment, he now chooses to manage his music, notes, and instant messaging at the command line "because, I swear, it’s just such a nice experience."

I was just curious what things Slashdotters still do on the command line that's now commonplace to do with a GUI, such as watching YouTube videos. Skip the usual ones like vim/emacs, IRC, and just about anything a sysadmin does, since those are still widely done from the terminal and too obvious to mention. Is there anybody that uses Lynx for all web browsing, including this article? Are there any professional video/image/audio producers that do most of their work at the command line? Last year, Microsoft's April Fools' joke was MS-DOS for smartphones; is there anybody that seriously uses a terminal emulator to handle their text messages and calls?

Submission + - Canadian PM Trudeau explains quantum computing

vulcanrob writes: A reporter tries to waylay Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a policy question in a press conference regarding quantum computing, and Trudeau parries by explaining quantum computing. It's nice to see a world leader who knows even a little about science and who does not perpetuate the stereotype that science is not understandable by everyday people.

Comment Re:wha? (Score 1) 65

Hi Thailand! I'm living in Florida (otherwise known as "source of bizarre news stories"). Do you ever see rich people close to death? Well I live where they end up. Me and myself! TLAs are three letter acronyms, hence the delicious irony! Enjoy the land of T and A, my friend!

Comment Salvo (Score 1) 127

Of course the emacs wiki is outdated and disorganized - it has to reflect its editor and its users. We here in the organized, efficient and beautiful vi community just sit back with a condescending chuckle. We're actually quite good at that and do it often. :wq

Comment including Canada? (Score 1) 1657

48 countries including Canada? Why did they say that? Has Canada been demoted in countryship? Is that like 9 planets, including Pluto? Or maybe Canadian research is suspect as there are too many polar bears, or they stand to gain a lot of banana plantation business with global warming...

Study Finds That Video Games Hinder Learning In Young Boys 278

dcollins writes "Researchers at Denison University in Ohio have shown that giving PlayStations to young boys leads to slower progress in reading and writing skills. Quoting: 'The study is the first controlled trial to look at the effects of playing video games on learning in young boys. That is to say, the findings aren't based on survey data of kids' game habits, but instead on a specific group of children that were randomly assigned to receive a PlayStation or not ... Those with PlayStations also spent less time engaged in educational activities after school and showed less advancement in their reading and writing skills over time than the control group, according to tests taken by the kids. While the game-system owners didn't show significant behavioral problems, their teachers did report delays in learning academic skills, including writing and spelling.'"

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