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Subject Datestamp Replies Score
Tenacious D  *Tuesday May 15, 2007 @05:04PM 1 1
   attached to The Rise of "Hybrid" Vinyl-MP3s
UIUC CS  *Wednesday June 13, 2001 @09:53AM  1
   attached to Java as a CS Introductory Language?
the days of yore  *Monday March 05, 2001 @07:12AM  1
   attached to Clockless Computing?
Re:a paradox  *Friday February 02, 2001 @04:40AM  1
   attached to Juno and Privacy
thank the fcc instead  *Tuesday January 02, 2001 @05:12AM  1
   attached to Sprint's Wireless Broadband - And What A TOS!
security through obscurity works!  *Thursday November 30, 2000 @01:59PM  1
   attached to Poe Puzzle Patiently Pondered
Re:Thank God for this  *Thursday October 26, 2000 @04:51AM  1
   attached to Bulletin: The Net Isn't De-humanizing!
security through obscurity  *Saturday July 29, 2000 @08:53AM  2
   attached to Are Buffer Overflow Sploits Intels Fault?
`writer's rule'  *Friday June 02, 2000 @05:46AM  1
   attached to Publishing-Online or "Dead Tree" Format?
dumb  *Sunday April 02, 2000 @06:18PM  1
   attached to Wyse Ditches Linux For WinCE
Re:I'll be impressed  *Friday January 14, 2000 @10:32AM  1
   attached to High Speed Net Access Defining College Life
Re:all programmers are male, right?  *Wednesday January 05, 2000 @08:12AM  1
   attached to A Profile of Coders
Not free anymore?  *Saturday September 11, 1999 @04:06AM  1
   attached to How Free is BIND 8.2?
Re:Makes that BSD licence look good  *Thursday September 09, 1999 @02:26PM  1
   attached to Compaq announces Beta test for Linux Alpha C compiler
finally, a new colour  *Tuesday September 07, 1999 @02:40AM  1
   attached to iMac II to have LCD/Firewire/DVD/AirPort/new color
Re:We need a free alternitive to PDF anyway.  *Sunday August 29, 1999 @04:47AM  2
   attached to Unisys Enforcing Patents
Re:Who cares?  *Thursday August 12, 1999 @06:46AM  1
   attached to XFS to be released under the GPL
uh, yeah  *Monday August 09, 1999 @03:07AM  1
   attached to All-Purpose Distributed Computing?
Software Export Control  *Wednesday August 04, 1999 @04:05AM  1
   attached to U.S. Eases Computer Export Controls
Re:This "viral" stuff is all backwards, anyway  *Tuesday July 13, 1999 @02:28AM  1
Re:This "viral" stuff is all backwards, anyway  *Tuesday July 13, 1999 @02:19AM  1
Re:This "viral" stuff is all backwards, anyway  *Monday July 12, 1999 @05:47PM  4
   attached to GPLed code with non-GPLed output
not worth much  *Thursday July 01, 1999 @04:54AM  1
   attached to kha0S Linux - It's all about Security
Re:Exactly!  *Thursday June 17, 1999 @12:26PM  1
   attached to ESR On the Open Source Trademark

Stellar rays prove fibbing never pays. Embezzlement is another matter.