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Submission + - Slackware Documentation Project Begins In Earnest

vtel57 writes: A recent thread at Jeremy's ( lit a fire of enthusiasm for a new Slackware documentation initiative. A new SlackDocs Wiki has been started on Alien Bob's (Eric Hameleers) server ( There is also a new mailing list ( for discussion and coordination of the project. All interested parties are encouraged to visit and participate.

Submission + - Flaw found in gnome-terminal, xfce terminal and terminator that writes to disk. (

suso writes: "A design flaw in the VTE library was published yesterday. The VTE library, which is part of the GNOME project, provides the terminal widget and manages the scrollback buffer used in many popular terminal emulators including gnome-terminal, xfce4-terminal, terminator and guake. Due to this flaw, your scrollback buffer ends up on your /tmp filesystem over time and can be viewed by anyone who gets ahold of your hard drive. Including data passed back through an SSH connection. A demonstration video was also made to make the problem more obvious. Anyone using these terminals or others based on libvte should be aware of this issue. Any administrator who has users who connect to services using one of these terminals will also be affected. Instructions are also included in the report for how to properly deal with the leaked data on your hard drive. You are encouraged to switch terminals or start using tmpfs for your /tmp partition until the library is fixed."

Submission + - Helios (Ken Starks) Posts Sad Missive (

vtel57 writes: "On 3 March, Ken Starks of the Austin, TX Helios Project --> posted a sad missive regarding the accidental release of a Facebook posting regarding his personal health issues.

Now that it is public, we should offer Ken and his family all of our support during this trying time. Ken has been a passionate and active proponent of GNU/LInux for quite some time now.

You're in our thoughts, Ken."

Comment Oh, Darn! (Score 1) 807

Sorry to read about your travails, Mooga. The world moves on, you know. It's pretty inevitable. For a long time I held out with my Win 98SE. I finally had to go to XP, though. Nowadays, I'm a happy penguin (Linux user). I could never have achieved my current computing nirvana had I not embraced change and progress. Come join the rest of us while we ride the ever-changing wave of technical progress. Have FUN!
Open Source

Submission + - Jim Zemlin: Only idiots don't give back to FOSS ( 1

Julie188 writes: "Taking without contributing back to the upstream project defeats the benefit of open source and sooner or later, all open source users realize this, contends Jim Zemlin, executive director of the nonprofit Linux Foundation. So the time for cajoling those users — even commercial projects like Canonical — into participating is over. Contributing is "not the right thing to do because of some moral issue or because we say you should do it. It's because you are an idiot if you don't," he says."

Submission + - The GNU/Linux Adventurer's Backpack (

vtel57 writes: "If you are setting off on your new GNU/Linux adventure, there are some must have things that youâ(TM)ll be needing to take along with you.

When youâ(TM)re at the kitchen table packing that backpack for your big adventure, donâ(TM)t forget to stuff these items in there with your lantern, matches, water purification pills, and lip balm. Youâ(TM)ll find this stuff will come in very handy along the trail..."


Attachmate To Retain Novell Unix Copyrights 77

angry tapir writes "Novell's copyrights for the Unix operating system will remain under Attachmate's control as part of the companies' pending merger, a Novell spokesman has revealed. The confirmation, which came in a terse message posted to Novell's website, seems to rule out questions of whether Unix assets are part of some 882 patents being sold to a Microsoft-led consortium, CPTN Holdings, as part of the deal."

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