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Comment Re:They still haven't landed ONE by want to land 3 (Score 1) 101

Not the way I read it. If you plan to launch every six weeks, you may well end up with one unit on a launch pad being assembled, refurbished or upgraded while another is being launched. Be nice to have a place for that one to land. Remember that these things are BIG (and getting bigger) and that transporting them to a launch site is a non-trivial problem. If you land them at the launch site, you don't have to spend time and a lot of money moving them to the site later. OTOH, I have no idea what the constraints are on "Return To Base" for these things.

The downside is, of course, that if anything goes wrong with the launch or landing, you're potentially down two or even three launchers instead of just one.

Comment Re:Norway switching off FM ? (Score 1) 303

"...cramming in the digital signals with the existing analog AM/FM broadcasts using IBOC/HD Radio..... which hasn't been a success."

I'm probably incredibly stupid, but I never saw much point to US FM/HD. If the content broadcast on HD is already on the analog channel, the quality on the analog channel will be fine. Why do I need a super duper, new, digital technology to get an improvement I can't notice? And if they just want to broadcast alternate content there's subcarrier audio which works fine, still allows older hardware to get the main channel just like HD, and is actually compatible with some existing gear. The whole thing strikes me as change for the sake of change.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 574

"Here we go again. This reminds me of a boy, a boy who loved to cry wolf."

Exactly. If you were out to cripple the US electric grid, would you really start with an office computer in small municipal power company (fewer than 20000 customers) in the middle of nowhere? About the only significant feature to Burlington Electric is that it has three decades of experience operating a 25MW wood powered power plant. I suppose that might somehow have some weird significance although I can't imagine how.

Comment Re: Power-hungry (Score 1) 84

A good idea most likely. Offhand, I would think that things like keys and shoes have to be recognized by their optical or auditory or something signature. But signatures for real world objects (other than ping pong balls and the like) are tricky because they differ with the viewing angle. Identification tags designed to have recognizable signatures no matter where they are viewed from might help a lot. (Not that I actually know squat about object recognition).

Comment Re:Power-hungry (Score 1) 84

"That's assuming that the system can correlate 'x' and 'X'"

Indeed, not all that easy.

But probably doable -- given a couple of decades of R&D and a lot a often hilarious real-world testing. And there will probably be some real, viable, applications of the technology. But overall it looks like the company that gave us Bob and Clippy is setting up to annoy the bejessus out of us again.

Comment Re:Extra confusing.. (Score 1) 185

"I'm not at all familiar with the Pentagon papers, but the Climategate ones were really overplayed. There's nothing juicy in there
- no evidence of a cover-up or efforts to falsify data."

No. If anything it is underplayed.. Mann, Briffa et al deliberately, and inexcusably, obscured the fact that the tree ring proxie data they largely depended on shows Northern Hemisphere temperatures to have dropped since 1960. No one thinks that's true. That's called the "Divergence Problem" (see ).and if revealed in their paper would certainly have called the validity of their analysis into question.

Their conduct is clearly inexcusable. If you think, as you seem to, that's OK, may I suggest that it's time to take your value system in for a check up.

Comment Re:Set speeds will follow autonomous vehicles. (Score 1) 162

"These seem to not be driving very well as they are also known to drive on the bicycle lane."

Being picky, but reality is the opposite I think. Uber's self driving cars make right hand turns from the traffic lane whereas California law requires them to pull right into the bicycle lane (if there is such) before turning right. I believe that Uber has acknowledged that's a problem.

Comment Re:Road Hazard (Score 1) 162

"Is Autopilot different from normal cruise control?"

My understanding ... Yes. In addition to managing velocity, "Autopilot" keeps the car in its lane and tries to prevent it from running into things. At least things in front of the vehicle. AFAICS it's just an overhyped version of the Adaptive Cruise Control systems that many car manufacturers have been playing with for a decade or two.

Comment Re:Extra confusing.. (Score 1) 185

I'm not a big fan of Wikileaks for the same reason the Snowden cites -- their failure to redact personal information of no public interest. Credit card numbers, passwords, etc from their releases. But surely the issue with the DNC eMails and similar data dumps -- the Pentagon Papers, the Climategate eMails, etc are their existence and authenticity. Who, other than folks who have been caught with their hand in a cookie jar, cares who leaked them?

And while I'm here, isn't a sad comment on American governance that I find Snowden, and even the Russians vastly more credible than the NSA?

Comment Re:Because Use Cases (Score 1) 766

"Speak for yourself. I normally open a bunch of websites I read, and then just middle-click to open the articles I find interesting in separate tabs. You can quite easily end up with dozens of articles."

I reckon that's OK if it works for you. ... as long as you don't then complain that your browser is slow.

Complaining about browser performance if you have a zillion windows open simultaneously seems sort of like complaining that your Mercedes SUV with a 6 liter engine gets lousy gas mileage.

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