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Open Source

OpenBSD 4.7 Preorders Are Up 191 writes "The OpenBSD 4.7 pre-orders are up. That means the release is done, sent off to CD production, and snapshots will turn -current again. Order now and you more likely than not will have your CD set, T-shirt or other cool stuff before the official release date. You get the chance to support the most important free software project on the planet, and get your hands on some cool playables and wearables early. The release page is still being filled in, but the changelog has detailed information about the goodies in this release."

Comment University is about learning how to learn (Score 1) 396

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is what the whole university experience is supposed to be fundamentally about learning how to learn. Yes, in Computer Science/Software Engineering you will get a broad brush of skills and training, from computing concepts, mathematics, and sciences. But you will also be exposed to other knowledge domains at a high level - economics, business, psychology, philosophy, languages - no, not programming but spoken, etc.

Some of the best programmers I have ever worked with had little to no real training in daily programming skills. Instead, they had degrees in other fields that allowed them to be free thinkers. This helps with solving complex problems, thinking "outside the box" and having a broad experience in things other than programming language details. Anyone can read books on advanced C++ techniques and other "learn how to program in 21 days" types of books and do a decent job at coding. However, I want people who have been through a difficult university program and not only survived, but excelled and had a broad experience. Sure, they might take a bit longer to get up to speed on the "design patterns" and "agile programming" methodology du jour, but they will probably be more likely to excel in a challenging, free thinking, problem solving work environment. Sure, some exceptional, self-taught people can also be amazing, but that's usually the exception.

If you just need coders that write php code to spec, stick to self-taught or community college grads - they are cheaper.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 441

Read between the lines. Why should he remove the reference to Android? Just because Apple said so? Why doesn't Apple remove all references to Windows from its site, then? Stupid argument, huh?

Apple's polite request to remove the reference to the Android content is a subtle threat. Look, the dude has a niche app that nobody would probably ever notice. Most apps suck balls. His app maybe doesn't suck as bad because some people who use the Android version thought it was decent enough to recognize. That's probably the only praise he'll ever get for it. So, if he wants to sell the Apple version, why not mention that other people didn't think it totally sucked. It just so happens that the other people use the Android version. Is that considered advertising the competitive platform? Or is he just trying to market his app with third-party recognition. Why would he be trying to sell the Apple version if he was pumping Android? Duh....

See above.

Comment What must the cops be thinking about this? (Score 1) 705

I can't imagine police officers being too impressed with the theater forcing them to arrest a giddy girl at an event theater (that is what they do) who filmed her group watching Twilight on her birthday and caught a few minutes of the film.

It's finally come to this - corporate police.

Not much better than being a mall cop, if you ask me.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 169

That would be true 10-20 years ago, and on small routers, because they were/are purely software driven. However, most interesting routing platforms today have IP stack primitives implemented in hardware (FPGA, ASIC) and they would lose their ability to process IPv6 in the so-called "fast path" forwarding plane if they were designed with IPv4 only.

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