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Submission + - Carrie Fisher in Critical Condition (

vtTom writes: The L. A. Times and other news outlets are reporting that Carrie Fisher, best know for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars, is in critical condition after suffering an apparent heart attack shortly before arriving at LAX on a flight from London.

Comment They'll find a way to make up the income... (Score 1) 39

No matter what the FCC decides, the cable companies will eventually find a way to make up a new fee that replaces the lost lease income. For instance, I lease an STB from Dish Network to the tune of about $7/mo. I could buy the exact name model of STB on eBay and send back the leased unit, but to authorize it for use with Dish they would change me a, you guessed it, $7/mo BYOSTB "access fee."

Comment Employer Match (Score 1) 268

One thing to consider is whether or not your employer has a program for matching employees' charitable contributions. If they do, check with them for what types of organizations they will or will not match contributions to. It's a great way to make your giving go further.

Comment Tele-reset (Score 1) 258

Quite some time ago I worked at a small company, and we had a PC in a remote location that we would occasionally connect to by directly dialing it up by modem. (this is in the pre-ubiquitous-Internet days). Well, of course, every now and then the computer would crash leaving us unable to perform its intended task, and also unable to answer our calls. After having to drive out there a few times just to hit the Reset button, I installed a circuit inside that "eavesdropped" on the phone line. If the phone rang more than X number of times within some period of time (meaning the computer had crash and was not answering), it reset the computer by way of a relay connect in parallel with the case button.

Comment My Theory: Risk Aversion (Score 1) 419

I have a theory.... Corporations are becoming more and more averse to risk. They expect every product they develop to be successful to justify the expense. So instead of developing products and talent internally, they're letting newbies take on all the risk of starting up new companies and new technologies, and then they swoop in and cherry-pick the ones that are successful.

Comment PDF + Adobe Reader (Score 1) 387

The OP said "I wouldn't really need a GUI, but something that filled out PDF forms would be nice." If you go to, download the forms you need as PDFs, and open them with Adobe Reader, the boxes in the forms can be filled out within the software. Iit won't do any of the calculations for you, though, but at least it's a tad better than printing them and filling them out by hand.

Comment Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge, MA (Score 1) 1173

I drove occasionally in Cambridge, MA, for a couple of years in the early 90's. The Alewife Brook Parkway has a pair of inter-connected traffic circles (here they are in Google Maps -,+mass&hl=en&ll=42.387688,-71.142134&spn=0.003633,0.004769&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=62.61328,78.134766&t=h&z=18) which have been there for a very long time. This particular highway is trafficked by daily commuters, so they know the routine. The deft entering/exiting/maneuvering was actually a thing of beauty to behold.

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