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Comment Re:Hemos Says: "So Long, and Thanks For All The Fi (Score 1) 1521

Could be worse, I didn't get around to posting non-AC until like early '00, which is why I've only got a six digit UID. Still, beats the 7 digit my first registration on ICQ had (Sad too because I knew two girls, neither of them overly nerdy who had 6 digit ones. Sadly I never married either of them. Alas the life of loser! (Wasn't nerdy enough for the nerds, was too nerdy for everyone else :D)

Comment Re:Thanks for all the Fish Wrapper (Score 1) 1521

Ironically enough I found out about slashdot in 1999 from a rather nerdy little fellow named 'Phil Smith' (No relation to Will Smith!) who was primarily a math teacher doing some initial web design courses in the Business and Computer Science department at our local community college. I started out reading sporatically, juggling it with a MU*ing habit I'd had since six months after getting on the net (Brought on by a combination of an HTML class in '95 when I was but a wee lad, a visit to the Compass Rose booth at a certain festival, and a giant interest in Battletech brought on by a comic shop, Mechwarrior 2, and the short year or so period where we had the benefit of a Virtual World Entertainment location in my otherwise podunk city.) My first skims of the site took place on an AT&T 14.4k modem that was purchased after a rigorous 6 months of chores, grades, and generally responsibility; things that were all shirked when the infinite possibilities of the internet were being discovered.

Sadly nothing has lead to the same level of excitement as the pre-2000 internet. Geocities,, hell, even Gopher! (Which always seemed like an inferior BBS interface to me!)

To all the people I once knew, in all the years prior to 2002. I bid you adieu. And perhaps now slashdot too.

As my parting comments: Mr. Malda: Thanks for all the years of wasted time, links to new places I never would've heard of, interesting links, history, etc of the computer world I've had a negligable impact in, and good luck in your retirement and marriage to Steve Jobs,now that he's finally free to devote his time to you. :)

And to Professor Smith, in case you're reading: 'Yes, yes we did feel the rush. Thanks for showing everybody in class the biggest time waster we could've fathomed back in those days. Without it I might've actually had to work for my links :D'

Comment Re:This is a sad day for the tech world (Score 1) 1027

Just going by the wikipedia article, he's ALSO already held the reins every time Jobs had to take a sick day since '04. Anyone in that sort of position who has stayed at the same company for 7+ years, filling in as CEO but not jumping ship to take an offer to be CEO themselves probably has a strong attachment to the company. I do however wonder if Cook's taking the reins is going to see the reinstatement of the multicolored apple logo....(Read the last para or so of the wikipedia article if you're scratching your head.)

Comment Re:API? (Score 1) 166

Nah just a basic left hand drive car. And I already had read up some on the rules regarding modified vehicles and conditional use permits (IE you can have a street legal car with slicks but it's only legal to drive in dry conditions.). And actually compared to the euro spec model, mine was downtuned for the US market (Euro model was specced for a higher top speed on the Autobahn and related European roads, while the US model was specced for better low end torque.)

Comment Re:In case this wasn't already the worst kept secr (Score 1) 286

I'm pretty sure it was the 'US University' that was the issue, not the attacking Falung Gong. If they wanna DDOS someone out of existance from their own sovereign computer systems I'm pretty sure that would be ok (right up until their DDOS started affecting the network pipes in between them and the Falung Gong servers.) *HOWEVER* This would be the equivalent of say Canadians coming onto American soil to lob mortars at Mexico. Mexico would take it as tacit approval by the US of the Canadian attacks on them, and might see fit to retaliate against them instead of Canada (since obv the US would be the low hanging fruit for them, from both a geographical and security point of view.)

Comment Re:API? (Score 1) 166

And Germany still has those 'hacking tools' laws covering nmap, nessus and such, correct? I've been having a hard time (for about ten years now!) finding somewhere worth emigrating to that doesn't have some fscked laws that remove them from my list of potential candidates. Sad really, because every year seems to find the US falling further and further into insanity (as it has been since I was in High School, at least. 9/11 changed everything? No, Columbine changed everything.) Where's my pacifier? This IS a nanny state, isn't it? :D

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