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Comment Re:Yes! I'm so glad someone said it. (Score 1) 221

Yes brother, this is the way it is. We are all one, and in oneness, two-ness must be illusion. Death is the ego's most prized possession in creating fear about what will ultimately be viewed as a non-event, thus destroying ones peace during their time here.

Nothing is ever lost, with oneness, there is no where to lose it to, hence too, you will never die.

Comment Guarenteed to work, use Dvorak (Score 1) 695

Switch your keyboard layout from QWERTY to Devorak. Learn Devorak over a week or so and then you're all set.

I bet when you tell them, "Yeah, go ahead, but my keyboard is wonky, it has a different layout", they'll try to type, get frusterated fast, won't want to tell you their passwords then say "thanks but no thanks".

It's worked for me over the last decade in dozens of situations and environments. People just won't touch your computer if they can't type on it.

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