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Comment Re:The red pill (Score 1) 1222

Good movie, but I hate the Trinity kisses Neo for him to realize he is the One scene. No matter how you interpret it, it is just so lame at a crucial turning point in the movie. Now, whenever I re-watch the movie, I get so annoyed with this scene.

Trinity : Neo..I'm not afraid anymore! The Oracle told me I would fall in love, and that man, the man that I loved, would be The One. So, you see, you can't be can't be... because I love hear me? I love you...

She leans over and kisses him

As she says this, the blow echoes deep in Neo's mind. In the Matrix, his eyes snap open. Trinity screams as his life monitors jump back to life. Tank and Morpheus stare, in disbelief.

Trinity : Now get up!!

Neo sits up, trying to focus. He stands up, and the Agents turn around, staring at him, also in disbelief. Agent Smith grimaces and aims his rifle at Neo. He fires.

Neo : ...No...!

As Agent Smith fires, Neo just puts his hand out. The bullets slow down and stop in front of him. Neo looks at them, and picks one up. He looks at it, and then drops it to the floor. He looks at the rest, and moves his head down. They all fall to the ground. The Agents stare, and all take a step back.

Tank : How!?!

Morpheus : He is... The One...

Comment Re: What about the delivery of insulin? (Score 1) 94

How about we work towards a cure instead of blowing money on problems that have already been solved?

Apple has zero experience working in a wet lab. So, Apple puts money where it does have experience.
Further, Curing biological diseases is hard. When Microsoft offered to debug cancer, Derek Lowe had this quote:

Unfortunately the world of code and computational hardware, as important, useful, and lucrative as it is, is just a sandbox compared to the real physical universe, of which living creatures are just a tiny little part. But biology has no debugging programs, no annotations, no manuals. It wasn't written by humans -- in fact, as far as we know, it wasn't written by anyone at all, it "just grew" in a process that has no good counterpart to the ways that humans generally get things done.

Which I think sums it up pretty well.

Comment Re: Cutting edge new features vs reliability, use (Score 1) 236

I like your CentOS and Fedora comment and have been using for years. But I have decided to move to debian because Fedora updates too fast. CentOS update too slow and its default kernel does not include the drivers I need for my htpc. It is not too much effort to compile your own kernel but the task gets old real quick when you have to keep up with security patches.

Comment Re:Impress presentation (Score 1) 224

Thanks for the recommendation, but typing this out seems to be a lot more tedious that copy/pasting an image.

\begin{frame}{Example of columns 2}
          \begin{columns}[T] % contents are top vertically aligned
          \begin{column}[T]{5cm} % each column can also be its own environment
          Contents of first column \\ split into two lines
          \begin{column}[T]{5cm} % alternative top-align that's better for graphics

I am a slave to copy and paste, which locks me into a GUI program. Also, there no way to go from PPTX (provided by others) to beamer:

  I tried working with the xml structure of the OpenDocument Format and it is similarly tedious. I guess I should create my own :)

Comment Impress presentation (Score 1) 224

I have been using the presentation in LibreOffice on my various macbooks for over 7 years and you know what it has only gotten worse. Sure they change user interface, but not really much else. Minimal bug fixes, but no improvements to performance.

It crashes so often, in order to turn my slides into PDF file, I not only break up my presentations into small files, but I wrote a shell script to keep trying the conversion until LibreOffice manages to not crash.

Serious question, is there a latex-like tool for making presentations. I mainly work with jpeg, png and text (LibreOffice is not kind to movie viewing). Bonus if I can click the mouse to have a pop up text window display. I really want something low latency that allows me to manipulate slides in an efficient manner.

Comment Re:New study rediscovers old knowledge (Score 2) 290

I agree. It is good that it is getting a headline, but this is in textbooks.

An average lab mouse lives about 2 years, I think the record as of Feb 2016 is about 4.5 years, so we seem to be making progress.

More interesting are the nematode C. elegans, thanks to its short lifespan of 2-3 weeks. The record lifespan appears to be 8 weeks.


Comment Crazy drivers (Score 1) 239

I see the amazon white vans everywhere in Chicago area. Generic white van with magnetic amazon logo on the side. They ones I have seen drive like maniacs, really fast through narrow parking lots. I just assumed they hired in a similar manner to uber, i.e. , anyone with a drivers license can be a delivery truck.

Comment Re:That's six too many (Score 1) 74

I will concede that the major anonymouns coins: dash (formerly dark coin and the topic of this story), monero, and counterparty have shot up in price significantly over the past month, during a period where bitcoin has been mostly flat or fallen in value. I am not sure what is driving the increased price/market cap, but I assume the dark net is involved.

Comment Re: Old price is the problem. (Score 1) 472

I am curious what do the students use the computers for? At my small college department ALL of the Desktops in the student tutoring room are barely used, because students bring their own laptops.

What is the reason for the discrepancy? Is it spec based (they are faster), curriculum based (teachers train on the pcs), or familiarity based (linux would be used even less)? Thanks just curious.

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