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Comment Re: Old price is the problem. (Score 1) 472

I am curious what do the students use the computers for? At my small college department ALL of the Desktops in the student tutoring room are barely used, because students bring their own laptops.

What is the reason for the discrepancy? Is it spec based (they are faster), curriculum based (teachers train on the pcs), or familiarity based (linux would be used even less)? Thanks just curious.

Comment Re: Office Compatibility (Score 4, Insightful) 103

If you look at the official release notes impress/presentation is always an afterthought. (Why the hell does slashdot link to a random softpedia article?) This is true for every release. I wish we could get some development/love on impress. I use it for all of my class lectures.

The auto size text to box was broken so long that after 3 years , I had enough and spent a week learning the code so I could fix it. Which ended up adding only a single line of code.

Comment open source flash replacements (Score 1) 172

are there any good open source flash replacements (mainly for firefox on my mac) that can get me through some older sites that use flash. I just need something with minimal features and tight security.

I was aware of swfdec back in the day and found some others: lightspark, gnash, Mozilla Shumway.

Comment Re: Yeah - not at all an advert. (Score 1) 208

This needs to be put to song like Laika's song "Bad Times". Lyrics:

If you receive an e-mail with a subject of "badtimes", delete it immediately / Without reading it. this is the most dangerous e-mail virus yet. / It will re-write your hard drive. not only that, but it will scramble any / Disks that are even close to your computer.

Comment Ford SYNC (Score 5, Informative) 116

I love the Microsoft's MyFord Touch. It is the greatest thing ever. /sarcasm

Consumer Reports recommends that no one consider buying used 2011 Ford Edges equipped with MyFord Touch systems. As Ford has expanded availability of its MyFord Touch system to more vehicles, Consumer Reports has downgraded its ratings for vehicles so equipped

Comment Reddit AMA (Score 2) 73

Andy must have had a shower epiphany.

From his Reddit AMA 2 months ago. /u/rosweldrmr asks:

I read something over a year ago from you that said you were doing a lot of research for your next book, which was supposed to be another hard science book. Later you said your pitch about a Moon Base was shot down, so you moved on to Zhek. I know Zhek will probably be a series, so there's not a lot of hope, but do you think you'd get to write the Moon Base hard scifi someday? And would you be willing to speak a little about what your idea was? I am desperate for more hard science fiction and I think it's a shame about the Moon Base idea, I thought it sounded really interesting (and you did all that research!).

Andy Weir's response:

The publisher loved the Moon Base idea's setting. They just didn't like the story. Some day I'll have a shower epiphany and have an idea for a better story and then I'll be ready to write it.

Comment Sad story (Score 1) 480

I used to work at a small grocery store in the poor part of town. We had one woman who came in multiple times per day at bought 7 lottery tickets each time (lucky 7), sometimes she would buy 3 sets of 7. I estimate that she wasted at least $50 day on lottery tickets and obviously never won more than $500 pot when I was there.

She was the worst case, but I wish I could say she was alone. We had many, many patrons that burned so much money on lottery tickets and cigarettes. Since that experience I have never had the urge to buy a lottery ticket or smoke a cigarette.

Comment Re:Not news: GWAS Often Fail (Score 1) 68

I counted 445 authors on this publication. The author list is so long that they had to put it in the back pages.

When I was an undergrad, I remember the discovery of the top quark having a billion of authors. I counted and it had only 436 authors,

The top quark author list motivated me to get out of high energy physics and into biophysics. I am sure there are papers out there with even longer author lists, but I am always glad to see significant papers with shorter lists as well.

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