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Comment It is the new easy mode. (Score 3, Insightful) 164

It is how I look at most games. I like a challenge, but I do not want to have to allocate project management, tons of research, and bringing my A game every time I play it. This is just a new easy mode, same as a cheat for God mode, or turning down difficulty a ton like a combat slider in Oblivion.

I want to be involved in the game story, get some enjoyment out of it, and not miss some part of the game because a different minority wants me to suffer through a game to get the best items or game play experience just because they had to.

I give Progress Quest as an example of the game will play itself, you will watch it, and you will be amused as an example of this. http://www.progressquest.com/ It has a following, so maybe there is some truth in the matter.

Comment Haven't we learned from HAL andThe matrix (Score 1) 394

In support of robot rights. I would probably have my robot as a roommate, be a viable part of society, and allow him/her to be fallible (aka run on windows). I'll use the pronoun "him" for the rest of the example.

If it were interesting enough I would push to turn it into a reality sitcom, think perfect strangers with Data from Star Trek as a roommate. Eventually though I would get married and it would be difficult to find another robot to pimp out my robot to, so he is not moping around the house. But depending if I built the robot he would feel he would be more like a live in relative. Wow the rest just writes itself for about 3 seasons or sci-fi channel goodness.

But I feel if we hold to the above we can have a truly peaceful co-existence with our robots rather than all the movies that failed to teach us from our made up follies.

Comment Any Electronic Entertainment? (Score 1) 315

I am picturing an Air Force general getting pissed slamming his hand on a desk screaming, "How did my missile targeting system for F-22's and interactive guidance systems for drones to drop bombs go up by X amount of dollars?"

It is not quite out on console yet, but I do wonder how they will legally classify a taxed video game from a non-taxed one.

Comment Do newer apps even follow RFC's anymore? (Score 1, Interesting) 58

With everyone trying to create the newest and greatest thing to make money from, do people even follow or refer to RFC's for compliance?

Try to proxy and recreate most protocols or data sessions. Many will break on the other side of a proxy once it gets created according to RFC specifications. HTTP versus out of banding garbage over port 80 is one of the better examples of how developers never seem to follow RFC's anymore.


Submission + - AT+T Censors Pearl Jam live concert lyrics

vortoxin writes: A recent AT+T BlueRoom Concert of Pearl Jam was censored during a live concert stream containing certain politically motivated lyrcis.

Information can be found here on Pearl Jam's Site: http://pearljam.com/news/index.php?what=News#195

Have not seen a posted story or release from AT+T to post their side of the story.

This can be seen from 2 angles. AT+T admits to taking out some of the content, both sides admit that fact. Now is it AT+T backpedaling trying to save face? Or is it a case of never attributing to malice to what you can account for one of the AT+T censors screwing up?

But if its live streaming Internet content, why do they even have censors? Maybe Pearl Jam should have taken a page From Elvis Costello?

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