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Comment Re:I'm a bit confused about the treason part.... (Score 1) 340

Once you meet some Australians it will all become clear: they consider themselves to be honorary American citizens, and their country is actually the United States of Australia. Seriously, everything about Aussie society and culture is consciously imitating that of the U.S.A. - which is pretty sad, I'm sure you'll agree.

Either you are just trying to be funny, or you have obtained your "facts" from some strange source.

I'm an Australian, and I have NEVER thought of myself in the way you mention; honorary or otherwise.
The official title for our nation is the Commonwealth of Australia.
Mainstream sports include Cricket, Australian Rules Football, Rugby League, and Rugby Union.
Australian traffic has always driven on the Left.
Our navy is named the Royal Australian Navy, and our air force is named the Royal Australian Air Force.
We have a Governor General and individual state Governors as representatives of of the Australian monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II).

"Canada, Australia and New Zealand are clearly not controlled by the United Kingdom. The monarch of these countries (Elizabeth II) is in law Queen of Canada, Queen of Australia, Queen of New Zealand and only acts on the advice of the ministers in each country and is in no way influenced by the British government."

Oh yes! That state of affairs is so clearly 'imitating that of the U.S.A'.

Comment Amiga Apps; back from the 90's. (Score 1) 425

People have been calling software applications "apps" for years before the iphone existed. My bosses in the mid 90's said to make sure all of their apps were on the new computer. These were not geeky people by any means. I am sure people called software "apps" before that.

Indeed. The category "Applications" was often shortened to "Apps".

A quick search on the web found:
where the Apps directory has the date "11-Aug-1999"

That is mirrored at:
with the same date.

An article posted in 3 Jan 2007 at:
details the Amiga platform after CBM's 1994 demise:
"Intent is amazing, like Java on steroids: the entire OS and all apps are compiled . ."
((Since then (of course)development went on for Amiga OS4 in a different direction.))
Intent was a 199'ties development direction.

Comment did not go far enough (Score 1) 648

Anybody find the image confusing-- modern building tools / structures with primitives in the foreground?

Well, that's in keeping with the anachronism-style of story telling present in the Bible. Y'know, like camel trains (Gen. 37:25) earlier than the domestication of camels, and walled cities (Jos. 6:20) in a period when communities lived in simple pastoral enclaves.

If they want to depict the ocean transport of a multitude of livestock without depicting the animals as dead, rotting, carcasses -- they really should equip their 'Ark' to the standard of livestock-carrier MV Becrux:
  . . with its automatic feeding system, 84 turbo-ventilators, and desalination plant capable of producing 600,00 litres of drinking water-per-day.

Comment hiding the last s-ship to Teegeeack? (Score 1) 335

Obviously it was really the very last DC-8 like spacecraft hiding above that Flight 808, with some poor stealth capability. It was arriving late because there was a fight on-board when the captives woke-up and tried to gain control of Xenu's last transport. Next we'll be hearing that some one's overheard them saying "Right! Let's go." with their cellphones.

Since they failed in their attempt, we'll likely next hear that someone's seen contrails going down into Mount St Helens, or Yellowstone Park.

L.R.H. didn't anticipate that bit.

Comment Ah, for the desk-deprived (Score 1) 293

its far-far worse to have to balance one's ten-year-old Power Macintosh G4/500 DP (Gigabit Ethernet) tower on one's lap; all 30.0 lbs of it with its curvy front base "handle" poking into one's crotch.

With its weight, and the cumbersome shape, the heat passing out through its base is the least of one's worries. Now then, that's why (when a desk is in use) a desktop configuration does have an advantage.

Comment Re:Hrmm (Score 2, Interesting) 94

> > "If you carried a gun you would be safer, silly Australians surrendering your right to defend themselves."

Having to carry a gun for defense is only a requirement in a lawless society; as is the case in Somalia or similar places.
When it comes to Australian wildlife all one needs is venom-proof clothing, the sense not to swim with crocodiles, or a knife about which one can say: 'This is a knife!'

Comment Re:Lefties; what- without their swords? (Score 1) 450

It would help if they didn't drive on the wrong side of the road here... (recent immigrant)

Why, are you one of those followers of Napoleon Bonaparte? He was Left Handed, and mandating driving on the right side of the road. Right-handed men carrying arms passed to the left of approaching men bearing arms.

As any automobile-driving knight knows; you have to sit on the RH front seat to wield your broadsword expertly out through the car window.

Comment But it is a game FFS (Score 2, Interesting) 620

In real life, ship the sea-lanes off Somalia and you don't just risk some money (or virtual currency); you risk your own LIFE! A real-time pirate can take your life, and rape your wife.

If your lucks fully down the plumbing he may just rape YOU (as well) before he takes your life!

Its not just $1200 you'd have lost, but your intestinal fortitude, and your continuing existence!

Comment Re:Use hydrogen. like Boeing did. (Score 1) 363

> > "There are just too many potential sources of ignition (sparks from machinery, static discharge) for it ever to be safe enough for flight, if we hold it to the same standards of safety that commercial jets are.

Then I guess that Boeing holds to different standards than do you!
'"John Tracy, Boeing's chief technology officer, said: “For the first time in the history of aviation, we have flown a manned airplane that was powered by a hydrogen battery.

Boeing said that hydrogen fuel cells were unlikely to power the engines of large passenger jets but could be used as backup or auxiliary power units onboard."'

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