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Comment MTX client sucks. (Score 5, Informative) 151

For those of you that hate the MTX client. Download the torrents and rename the extension from .mtx to .zip No need to "install", the zip opens up to a functional game. Just unzip to where you want it and then apply the patches manually(kind of like oblivion/fallout3 mods). Here are the torrents if you wish to skip the MTX client hell. (via reddit) Main file: Patches: I have not tried this yet but there is a mod for the game Crysis that pretty much turns it into a MW game. Probably still a bit buggy but I am sure it looks a lot better.

Comment Re:In Smaller Markets, Kijiji Dominates (Score 2, Informative) 129

Wow, in my town of around 30,000 and the surrounding town where the sites actually point to(Total pop just over 100,000). There is nothing on kijiji. Craigslist dominates here for sure. When the site was launched I heard about it but soon forgot. Heck there is even an auction site based out of my town and I can't find anything on it, worse than kijiji here as far as users. Just my experiences, ya know, not scientific.

Comment Re:Pointless hype (Score 1) 275

Just ask yourself one question, if you don't trust your internet provider enough to do DNS correctly, should you trust them at all?

Well no and yes. I just really hate the redirects and would prefer to use something like OpenDNS.That and I have a feeling that OpenDNS is more proactive in filtering fishing sites. Do I really care? No, it was just easy to switch so I did. Should this be big news? Hell no. Now would I use GoogleDNS if there was no other options. Maybe I would, I mean I primarily use google to search, it's not like they don't know what I am doing most of the time from that. It is easier for me to type youtube in the search then click the link as apposed to finding it in my favorites or typing all those letters in the address bar.

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