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Comment Re:Correlation is not causation (Score 5, Interesting) 684

Emmit Smith suggested returning to leather helmets for just this reason. The helmet has become a weapon. It does not matter what the "rules" say because the profit incentive will always provide an end around (hehe). The team doctors will likely bow to the pressures of the owners who are writing the bazillion dollar salary checks, and clear the players for play. Unless the NFL is prepared to make a real stand in favor of people, as opposed to profits, (yeah, like that MIGHT happen)..the players will continue to suffer

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 234

A genius idea for cheating. While he is being applauded for his "ingenuity, or cleverness", the fact still remains that if he used this modified calculator with prohibited software to take a test, he cheated.

It is reasonable to assume that if he can write emulation software to cheat, he has the ability to learn the material in the first place.

Then we wonder why this shows up on /.: What's Wrong With the American University System... , and US industries are loaded with idiotic and inept leadership.

Comment Re:iPhone, duck! (Score 1) 295

You pay the service bill regardless of how you use it

Most cell phone contracts specifically prohibit the use of the data service for VOIP.

I'm certain though that there won't be an all data plan

There are "Data Only" plans.... Mainly for use with devices like edge/cdma/umts cards. You can remove your sim from your edge/cdma/umts card, and place it in your phone for data operations. You would still be violating your service agreement if you used it for VOIP anyway.

Besides, QoS of of these networks kinda sucks for this application.......

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