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Comment Re:Climate Change Deniers (Score 1) 363

If your "simple" hypothesis is that temperature rises with CO2, you've got to explain why we can have increasing CO2, but not monotonically increasing global average temperature.

What worries me is that if I put a glass on my table here, with a cold drink and ice cubes in it, the temperature of the drink will not rise until the ice has melted away. Our "ice cubes" are currently melting.


Submission + - CMU Eliminates O-O Studies ( 1

fatherjoecode writes: "According to this blog post from professor Robert Harper, the Carnegie Mellon University Computer Science department is removing the required study of O-O from the Freshman curriculum: "Object-oriented programming is eliminated entirely from the introductory curriculum, because it is both anti-modular and anti-parallel by its very nature, and hence unsuitable for a modern CS curriculum." It goes on to say that "a proposed new course on object-oriented design methodology will be offered at the sophomore level for those students who wish to study this topic." Is O-O dying?"

Comment Re:Please take responsibility for your life. (Score 1) 599

I have found my self going down roads where if my GPS quit I would only have a vague idea of how to get home from that location.

Since the GPS makes it so easy to navigate from A to B, people might embark on a journey without really considering what could go wrong. False sense of security and all that. It could be your car that broke down, leaving you knowing where you are, but with no practical way of getting out of there.

Comment Re:Will never buy standalone again. (Score 1) 300

  • Better accuracy (phones probably won't need to ever be as accurate)
  • Smaller / more durable

There are some things my Garmin eTrex does better than my Nokia E66, but the eTrex is twice the volume and unlike the E66 doesn't get a fix indoors. I also absolutely love the ability of my phone to determine my position within a couple of seconds from "cold", using A-GPS. Nice when I'm checking out a new city by foot. :)

Comment Re:What about live traffic updates (Score 1) 300

And the dirty little secret Nokia and the other phones won't tell you ... leave the data network .. and your phone GPS doesn't have as much functionality. It can tell you where you are, but without the ability to download maps, it's not much use.

Well, Nokia's Ovi Maps lets you do just that; pick and download maps via your computer. Personally I have opted to install maps covering six whole countries plus bits of three more. Signal wouldn't be a problem in Europe, but the roaming charges would. :)

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