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Comment Oh, the irony (Score 1) 382

Those problems coalesced on the night of July 23, 2011, when a high-speed train rear-ended another train that had lost power during a storm and stalled on an overpass outside the southern coastal city of Wenzhou. Six train cars derailed, some of them falling 50 feet off the overpass. Forty people, including two Americans, were killed and 191 were injured. Graphic images of the accident, which outraged the Chinese public, were beamed around the world.

This from your article.

Comment Re:Not mutually exclusive (Score 4, Interesting) 1218

Most Catholics I know have a similar, "moderate", background with respect to evolution. It's the Protestants that tend to be more fundamentalist and deny evolution. I believe the reason is that, historically, Catholicism has relied on church traditions for its belief system. When the Protestants broke away they needed new source material to justify their path to God, so they turned to the Bible. This propelled them on a course that adheres more to the Bible (and its ancient science).

Comment Re:Vote for Ron Paul. End the TSA (Score 1) 1059

Wow, the Obama apologists are out in force today, I can't believe you were modded up to +5 Insightful.

excerpt below:

March 2011:

The president goes back on his campaign pledge completely. He signs an executive order to create a formal system of indefinite detention for the captives still kept at the Cuban facility. The order applies to around 48 of 172 prisoners currently held. The detention center — illustrated to be oppressive and reliant on haphazard methods by the freshly released documents — is now enshrined as playing a continuing role in U.S. policy.

Most notably, a promise to close the facility does even not accompany his announcement of the executive order. Here is his March statement in its entirety:

. . . (cf. original article in link above)

Little wonder then, that Anthony Romero, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union told the Washington Post, “It is virtually impossible to imagine how one closes Guantanamo in light of this executive order In a little over two years, the Obama administration has done a complete about-face.”

Comment Re:But what if... (Score 1) 283

From TFA:

"They are also looking to study how the percentage might change when input into a model where the society is polarized. Instead of simply holding one traditional view, the society would instead hold two opposing viewpoints. An example of this polarization would be Democrat versus Republican."

So, their model was based upon a non-polarized population.

Comment You think that's bad, try tr (Score 1) 596

There are even some situations in the US in which you can be subject to the equivalent of double or even triple jeopardy. Eg. if you are in the military, then after you get acquitted by a state court, the military can try and convict you. If you somehow get acquitted of the state crime, you can always be tried and convicted of an equivalent (but different) federal crime - that's how some civil rights atrocities were handled. I've heard that the worst thing you can do is: murder a postal worker, while a member of the armed forces, on tribal Indian land.

Comment Re:Come to California... (Score 1) 660

This is because Democrats believe in higher taxes (actually, redistribution of wealth), while Republicans believe in lower taxes. Unfortunately, the Republicans have never been able to reduce government spending to match their lower taxation plans and, therefore, deficits rise. Whether this failure is because Democrats prevent them from cutting spending, or they are secretly another party of Big Government, or because the constituency prevents it, doesn't really matter. The only way to solve the deficit problem, and deal with taxation, is to force a balanced budget amendment upon Congress. Otherwise, they will collectively choose deficit spending rather than cut spending or raise taxes.

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