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Comment Re:And, Folks, stay tuned.. (Score 4, Informative) 239

" to a mere 1.1 kWh per day, while doing nothing.."

- sorry, I am actually a Tesla fan (or would be, given the chance..) - but 1100w (per day) for doing sweet fuck all, presented as progress?

it's stuff like this that makes me say, thanks, call me when you have the finished article.

1.1kWh is equivalent to having a ~40W light bulb on. If you have a couple of circuits powered on, given it is a fully electric car with all kinds of gizmos built into it, this discharge rate is actually quite nominal.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 503

Can it be refueled from empty to full in 2 minutes like a gasoline engine? What is the battery lifespan? How much will they cost to be replaced?

Planning ahead is something thats needed no matter what you drive. No one embarks on a 300 mile roadtrip with the gas gauge blinking red. This one will have the "large LCD display" reminding you to recharge. The battery lifespan is usually in the excess of 100,000 miles, with typical NiMH batteries giving between 130,000-150,000 mile range. At this point, the batteries are expensive, but if you consider the amount of saving in fuel costs, oil changes, all sorts of filters and pumps, etc. over the course of 130k miles - you'd have saved up enough for a battery pack. Another interesting thing is that the cost of fossil based fuels is on the rise, whereas batteries are becoming less expensive over years.

The moral of the story is, if you can afford to spare $50K for starters, you can save quite a bit eventually.

Comment Re:Fragmentation (Score 1) 75

Dual monitor support isn't really fragmentation. You can switch between single and dual screen, so devices with single screen will not be able to use all the dual-screen features available in Android. Same way having a slide-out qwerty keyboards in Android doesn't mean its fragmented, you just switch from on screen keyboard to a hardware keyboard.

Submission + - Plastic Memory Device Based On Electron Spins (sciencedaily.com)

von_rick writes: From the article: "Our main achievement is that we applied this [vanadium tetracyanoethanide] polymer-based magnet semiconductor as a spin polarizer — meaning we could save data (spin up and down) on it using a tiny magnetic field — and a spin detector — meaning we could read the data back," Jung-Woo Yoo said.

A memory unit that is lighter and draws lower power levels would be a good replacement for conventional semiconductors. However, since the spins are controlled by application of magnetic fields, this technology would be susceptible to strong magnetic fields just like the magnetic tape memories. The article also mentions that the heat generated is significantly low, so it could be made to operate at higher frequencies, if technology permits, without the risk of overheating.

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