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Comment Re:Does anyone else thing that thing's kinda ugly? (Score 1) 337

I didn't even watch the video, just looked at the pictures, and I think it's pretty hideous for something that was supposedly designed to be aesthetically pleasing. You flip it open, and you have this weird squareish bit jutting out the back. You close it, and the top surface of the laptop is disturbed by a fat hinge groove line running across it. Compare that to the MacBook Air, where the design is a true clamshell, no square protrusions at the back, and the hinges are relatively hidden underneath the unit, not apparent from a top view at all.

Credit to Dell for trying to move beyond the Heinous Grey Box school of design, but it's painfully obvious that they've got a ways to go. Normally I wouldn't care much about the aesthetic considerations since that's not a top concern of mine when buying new kit. However, when you specifically market your products based on their aesthetic merit, you'd better make sure they don't have serious aesthetic flaws.

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