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Comment Brainless (Score 1) 58

They should make sure Facebook developers have a brain in the first place. Every piece software developed by FB is pure garbage. Is this some kind of lame attempt to get brainwaves data depending on what FB advertisement users are seing? Besides that BCI input devices have been around for years. He's trying so hard to be Elon Musk.

Comment Alternative interpretation (Score 1) 264

Only n00bs think it's a glitch...real programmers use butterflies. They open their hands and let their delicate wings flap once. The disturbance ripple outward, changing the flow of the eddy currents in the upper atmosphere. These cause momentary pockets of higher-pressure air to form, which act as lenses that deflect incoming cosmic rays, focusing them to strike the drive platter and flip the desired bit.

Comment Re:The end is near? (Score 0) 481

In 'geologically' Earth is just a big rock in space. But where do these 'some people' go when the sea level rises or whole regions become inhabitable. Most countries have a hard time to even recieve a few refugees from Syria how are the going to manage millions of environmental migrants. The resource consumption by your so called 'everyday people' in the US and Europe is insanly high compared to those countries that will suffer most from global warming. In terms of carbon dioxide emissions per capita China, India and Brazil are far behind the US and Canada so dont't even start this. Or do you expect them to cut down their emissions so the 'first world' can keep their lifetyle. Scientists predicted the end of fossil fuels decades ago but the commercialization of alternative energy didn't really start until the mid 2000s. People are just too comfortable to change their consumption. If gas, electricity or red meat prices (yes beef production is a big factor) were twice as high they would think twice about their consumption. Overreacting may kill credibility but if you try to argue rationally 'everyday people' won't get it.

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