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Comment Re: Windows 10 (Score 1) 249

The people who code these distros are very smart, why can't they include some hand holding? As an old hand at computing (I was programing on my Sinclair ZX81 in 1981) I can puzzle out what I need but a text file of how to get common things going would be helpful. I just put Kubuntu on an old HP Pavilion 1000 laptop. It took days for me to get the wireless connection functioning. I finally clicked around and saw my router name listed and activated that. The average computer user does not have the patience to do that.

Then there is the process of making a live cd/dvd. I can understand needing that for a new build but if an old system can connect to the internet why can't the downloaded files simply install themselves?

Comment Re:Fuck ALL those assholes! (Score 1) 660

Please take a minute to explain what limitations you would place on guns in America. Where would the guns be found if the Constitutionally mandated militia needed to defend the free state?

If we are to frame the debate on what the framers of the Constitution thought about guns what would they have thought about abortion?

Comment Re:Better Idea (Score 1) 760

Unless you just slipped across the border we are all paying members of society. Everyone benefits from roads and we share the potential benefit of hospitals and good sanitation. With embedded taxes only the most calculation can slip through the day without helping pay for public services.

Everyone thinks they pay too many taxes and their neighbor not enough.

Comment Re:More than one city supplies a home (Score 1) 180

The thing is it doesn't have to be that way. My niece's husband is an IT worker and has an old unlimited AT&T unlimited account. They live out in the sticks but he put the phone sim in a wireless router and has unlimited high-speed broadband. They can stream the Netflix 4k channel on their 65 in 4k set and it's beautiful, all for $70 a month. I live close to them and use Hughes satellite broadband and get 50 GB a month for $90.

Comment Re:Skip it (Score 1) 300

You sound like my brother. He doesn't eat breakfast or lunch. At work he takes a nap at lunch time. His wife has supper ready when he gets home at 6:00 PM. He claims you gain weight if you eat after dark. At 62 he weighs what he did at 20 and has a physically demanding job.

For me I have always ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a good lunch and dinner. I maintained 212 lbs from when I was 22 until now at 64. Being retired in the last few years I did have to cut way down on food, often a cup of sweetened coffee for breakfast and a light meal at about 3:00 PM. What ever works for you is what you should do.

Comment Re:And this will change nobody's minds.. (Score 1) 378

I guess no plant biologist cares to say anything. Soybeans and canola are open pollinated. You can save the seed. All but a tiny amount of corn is hybrid, GMO or not. You can't replant the seed anyway. There are a few so-called heirloom varieties that are not hybrids you can buy if you want to replant your own seed.

Comment Re:Streamlined Sales Tax (Score 1) 347

You are looking at it wrong. How do the vendors in Louisiana know what to tax? Taxing authorities will publish exactly what taxes are due on which products and where each tax is applicable. Citizens will also have access to the database and will be able to see what taxes their lawmakers have saddled them with. May be an eye opener.

Comment Re:Maybe. (Score 1) 561

How do you fight human nature. My wife is preceptoring at a health clinic to get her nurse's license. Two of her classmates are working at other locations of the same health provider. One is black, her preceptor is black, she has full access to patients and their records and can practice on the patients. At another facility a classmate from Venezuela is partnered with a woman from Spain, good times in Spanish. Again, full access to the patients and an instruction manual for the electronic records computer system they use.

My wife, a large, no nonsense white women who is the top student in the class is teamed with a queen bee black woman. No access to patients or their records, she can't speak to the attending doctor or even be in a room with a patent by herself. She was told there is no manual for the computer program, you are supposed to remember the key strokes you are shown once. My wife did find out what program they use and has been studying You-tube videos to learn it. If she complains she will probably have to find another facility to go to and repeat the 200 hours she has already done. So she is just going to keep her mouth shut and will have to start her first job with no actual patient care experience. Racist come in all colors.

Comment Re:Who cares? (Score 1) 197

I guess you mentioned prescription Viagra to make a point but gray market sildenafil citrate is cheap. I get a 120 mg compound pill (100 mg Viagra and 20 mg Cialis) for about $4 a pill from India. One quarter of a pill does it for 63 year old me. I have been getting my supply for 10 years like this and haven't got a bad batch yet.

Comment Re:Nobody Gives A Shit (Score 1) 368

Fighting climate will need to become a religion, not mushy Christianity but ISIS style Islam. Those guys give a shit. True believers must be willing to die or kill to convert everyone to a tenth century lifestyle. Only 100% compliance will save the planet. Expect the same kind of resistance to that as radical Muslims get.

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