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Comment So and? (Score 1) 373

Once again we are told the sky is falling, great, so now what do we do? Obviously we stop burning fossil fuels and problem solved, right? This is not just a US problem but most Progressives act like it is. Millions of man hours of observations by thousands of researchers have proven that man made climate change is real. Unfortunately very little research has been done of the ramifications of banning fossil fuels. The utopia of small organic farms and electric cars and mass transportation is unrealistic and no thought at all is giving to the unimaginably complicated and enormous transition cost.

Comment Re: Personal experience (Score 1) 138

Doctors in my area treat testosterone like barbiturates, dangerous and highly restricted. I was 62 and had female doctors for over 20 years who claimed my low testosterone levels were within range. I was finally seen by a male doctor who immediately proscribed 200 mg. I had to quit work at 56 because I felt so horrible. That one shot made me feel wonderful for a month. Unfortunately he left the country and I have been trying to find a doctor that will proscribe testosterone for four months.

Comment Re:What about at night? (Score 1) 504

I live in Florida, the wind rarely blows at night. We get a sea breeze a few dozen miles from the coast but when the sun goes down it gets dead calm.

Solar, sure, off shore wind turbines, maybe. Wave generators but our waves are usually small and the gulf stream might be tapped. I just don't believe the huge expense of constructing renewable power can be done without the wealth fossil fuels have been creating.

Comment No power, no automation (Score 1) 540

Many people want to take fossil fuels away from agriculture. Historically about 50% of the population farmed. Without diesel tens of millions of mule driver jobs will open up.

Renewable power sources will only provide about one tenth of what is available today. Human labor will be much cheaper and more reliable than machine labor.

Comment Re:Let the trade war begin (Score 1) 742

If Americans start building their own cars, phones, and computers who is going to fill the jobs these workers quit? Do you think unemployment might go down a bit? Manufacturing is a wealth creating process. Welfare and service jobs only move money from one person to another. Manufacturing also has a tail. All the things that support the process have to be provided. Things like large buildings, raw materials, security services.

The US has a very large economy, our exports are a fraction of our imports. Much of what we export has very little labor involved, mostly raw materials and intellectual property. These do not exclusively go to China so they would be on the very short end of a trade war.

Most countries do not have the tax collecting structure or individual wealth the US has. High taxes on imported goods and fuels are for revenue generation, not protection of domestic production.

Comment Re:HQ Redo (Score 1) 579

Companies that have competition charge as little as possible to keep market share. There is no collusion to keep prices low. If taxes are raised they all have to raise prices to continue to eke out a small profit. Apple is a virtual monopoly, they are charging as much as the market will bear, raising taxes will lower their profits.

Comment Re:People, this is how the system works. (Score 1) 527

First let's compare the white US population with the almost entirely white populations of Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and so forth. I think quality of life for that segment of the population is just as good. We have over 60,000 border control agents trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to keep people out so the US must be a very sought after place to immigrate to.

Comment Re: Windows 10 (Score 1) 249

The people who code these distros are very smart, why can't they include some hand holding? As an old hand at computing (I was programing on my Sinclair ZX81 in 1981) I can puzzle out what I need but a text file of how to get common things going would be helpful. I just put Kubuntu on an old HP Pavilion 1000 laptop. It took days for me to get the wireless connection functioning. I finally clicked around and saw my router name listed and activated that. The average computer user does not have the patience to do that.

Then there is the process of making a live cd/dvd. I can understand needing that for a new build but if an old system can connect to the internet why can't the downloaded files simply install themselves?

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