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Journal Journal: My Treo 650 Blows!

After owning it for some months now, I have developed a love/hate relationship with my Treo 650 "smart" phone...

I have Goodlink from installed on my Treo 650 and get my emails automagically transferred to the phone. The ability to receive and send emails and review and modify my calendar rocks. This is the part I love.

But as a phone? Well it seems to be just about the biggest steaming pile of garbage I have ever used.

I get disconnected more times than a railroad car... I have actually changed my route to and from work to avoid getting disconnected. I have wanted to smash my phone into little teeny tiny pieces for the last few weeks now.

So I ask you. Am I the only Treo owner who thinks that as a phone it is really horrible?

Oh and another thing. Palm OS sucks hard as well. Between the reboots, the loops, the single tasking, and the general clunkiness of the UX I gotta say I think it is quite a poor phone OS.

I was thinking that I should try a Symbian phone to get a contrasting experience, but then Motorola announced the "Q" that will be coming out in 1Q06.

Sexy! But how is that integration with Exchange 2003? That could possibly be the one thing that would entice me to use Exchange 2003.

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