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Comment Those are not software and hardware errors -- (Score 5, Interesting) 101

Those are called political and budget pressure by managers who have no clue on engineering ---

Software uploaded with out testing ? There is no way they could have gotten this far with out testing. I am sure there is no engineer in Japan that does not test thoroughly. Actually Japanese code is famous for being of the best quality -

This was caused by politics, bureaucracy and plain bad management.

Comment Im sure the military are looking.... (Score 1) 93

This is awesome - I hope it does not end up like the segway.

Im sure it can be made to be reliable for commercial / military purposes. This can allow soldiers to jump over any obstacle and attack from any angle- awesome -

What I mean is that, as expensive as it looks, if it can replace some chores currently needing a helicopter it could be competitive. Like electric tower / bridge inspections, rescue in difficult terrain and, of curse, military scouting and attacking.

Comment What DarkNet ?? (Score 1) 222

Am I getting this wrong ? This implies that there is a one dark net thing, but the DarkNet is a generic term describing any anonymous / encrypted network.

There are many Dark Nets and precisely because of their secretive nature its very difficult to shut them down. Try shutting down Free-net / Tor! - good luck.

I think the author is misunderstanding / giving the false impression that there is a "DarkNet" and that it is controlled by someone/goverment and that that someone can turn it off.

Else whats the point of this poll about shutting down the dark net when it can not be shut down and no one is responsible for all of it-

I feel the intention of this is to blame it on some one and then start conspiracy theories on why was he/it invented it -

Comment Thats not what I remember.... (Score 0) 225

I cant say if Intel has done illegal things to AMD- ... but I am and old trooper and I remember that back in the days when windows dominated and Laptops where too expensive, AMD and Intel bet very differently for the future, and AMD lost.

Around 2000 - 2005 Intel decided to go mobile and came up with "Centrino", when desktops still outsold laptops. In that day, it was the risky move.

Then, at the same time, AMD decided 64 bits whats the future and came with Athlon! Along with new OSes like Linux, I though that was the future.... it wasn't - ... just plain bad decisions -


Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 304

You are very right, but you need to say it this way:

We all agree that nothing does not exists (If you don’t agree, don’t bother reading the rest and go buy the book.), then, thinking what would happen if the universe didn't exist is absurd.

So, we exist. Then, the real question is: Why does the universe and us exist as we are, and not otherwise ?

From there we can also ask: On what does it depend, or whom ??


Comment Re:7 Core Demands of Occupy Wall Street (Score 1) 1799

It is interesting how this looks like the socialist/communist crap of the 70's. Sure, let that 99% percent of people that know zip about economy run the country.

Sorry but capitalism is what makes the US the most powerful country in the world, along with Europe. Sure there are a lot of poor people, unfortunately, as the Davis-Moore thesis will tell you, they are necessary for the system to work. No, it isn’t fare or just, that’s the way it is. We need to understand that rich people make money, jobs, we need them, and they use the Exchange Market to make money.

It might not be perfect, but that’s the best we have. Perfect does not exist, at least perfection where we all make "enough" or equivalent money. That’s just stupid. Why would someone excel in such society?? Enough" according to who??
For great ideas to work, great benefits must be earned. Who assigns those benefits?: the stock market.

Do they really know what are they dealing with?? Haven’t they heard about the huge trade deficit we have?? How could the US be the most powerful country if we have a trade deficit?? How could the dollar be the safest currency with a deficit, haven’t they taught you that a currency deficit means devaluation??

Well, the US and the dollar succeed because the US does not make things it makes ideas: It makes Steves jobs and Bills Gates. The US is all about trading ideas, or in other words, by selling the stocks of the companies with ideas.

Note that the so called trade deficit is only a partial view of the balance of payments. Talking about a trade deficit in isolation of the other accounts means that we don’t understand modern economy. Countries today are not about what they sell. Today we live from speculation and betting on the future ideas. If you are a Marxist, then forget it and keep yourself the middle ages. If not, note that the balance of payments is ALWAYS balanced in the US by the financial accounts, including INVESTMENT, much of which is not plain debt, but investment where in case of failure means no liability for the US.

" Return the Power of Coining Money to the U.S "
" Limit the Size, Scope and Power of Banks "

Well we might just as well implement full fledged communism, and let China overtake us. Do you want to know how china succeeded:

"Reduce the value of the coin and let if float according to basket of currencies"
"Enable private property and banks, begin the stock market.."

Sounds familiar?? No wonder they are overtaking us.

Submission + - Osama raid reveals secret helicopter (wsj.com)

vmaxxxed writes: I would just like to say that there are lots of things the government is not saying about the raid an that the few photographs released do not agree with the official story in details. I don’t doubt that Osama was killed, but Obama used many interesting us military resources not known before, making the raid even more impressive.

For starters:

* First that tail is of no know helicopter

* That is no hard landing. I'm a pilot, the pilot didn’t see the fence and landed over it. Pretty clean on obvious. There's no other way the tail is in one side of the fence and the helo in the other.

* Add the number of people reportedly involved plus the captured personnel. -> They wont fit in 1 black hawk !!

* Look at the destroyed helo its disintegrated. At list from a 500lb bomb. Helos don’t carry that kind of bomb. There were planes involved and were also not detected, though there are reports of people hearing an airplane. Either a B-2, B-1 or something also participated in the operation.

Two lonely blackhawks did all that sure

What do you think ??

Comment Re:Largely true but a flipside too (Score 1) 565

I am sorry if I touched a personal feeling. Let's not make this personal.

I understand intel introduced the first programmable integrated circuit, and that is the same technology used in all computers today. Now, we can argue that the colossus or that Charles Babbage invented the computer, but INTEL, IBM or AMD are getting the royalties for any PC today.

Same with the phone, we can argue that Graham Bell didn't invent the telephone, still the BELL company and it's little baby bells, like Bellcore, are responsible for developing most of the telephony technology and standards used today..... I worked there, and they get the royalties. ... finally, well I guess that's not the point. Point is that today still the US is where more than half of all the scientific and technical publications originate. Now, I AM NOT A U.S. CITIZEN and I don't live there anymore. Still, those are the facts and, as sad as that makes me feel too I know that we better learn from it.

What do you think ?

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