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Comment Re:BSD != Linux (Score 1) 191

Yes, mac osx is not linux - is in the post! I called it a *unix* desktop... the mention of it as linux desktop was *sarcastic* - again the *BROADER* point is that seeing pretty much every linux developer (at least in my company) sporting a mac, made me see the forest - I think that the linux desktop battle became pointless - and none of the combatants won ! someone else did ! :D

Comment Re:Project lacks focus. (Score 1) 191

Right! but the point is that ( at least in my experience ) Mac OSX is the defacto desktop for all those linux developers and engineers - the broader point is that imho that situation makes the desktop linux war a bit pointless - and I think Ubuntu/Shuttleworth recognized that... not to mention the phone thing...


Comment Re:Project lacks focus. (Score 1) 191

Pls friends, don't take this a troll - but to me it looks like the wining linux desktop was Mac OSX!

I work in an all linux shop - in the server - I am one of very few linux laptop (and desktop) users - every meeting is the same, the lone Dell in a sea of lighted apples...

And indeed, it is a unix desktop! Just wish the machines were a little better - I bet Mac OSX would be great on my Dell Precision 7710...



Comment Re:I wonder... liar, liar, pants on fire? (Score 1) 127

Did anyone else besides this blogger of unknown repute receive this alleged e-mail notice? I didn't. I requested the same e-mail updates as he allegedly did, yet I've received nothing at all. The only explanation I can conjecture is that HP's SMTP servers are dragging the process out for who knows how many hours or days.

Got it too... Announcement is legit.... Sorry.... V


Son Sues Mother Over Facebook Posts 428

Most kids hate having their parents join in on a discussion on Facebook, but one 16-year-old in Arkansas hates it so much he has filed suit against his mother, charging her with harassment. From the article: "An Arkadelphia mother is charged with harassment for making entries on her son's Facebook page. Denise New's 16-year-old son filed charges against her last month and requested a no-contact order after he claims she posted slanderous entries about him on the social networking site. New says she was just trying to monitor what he was posting." Seems like he could just unfriend her.

Comment M-Audio or Behringer (Score 1) 411

After +200 replies, my post will probably be redundant, I will add my vote to the probably many coming for getting a budget pro-audio card. M-Audio, from the Audiophile to some other Firewire/USB products they have should do... if you are really on a budget, try Behringer... word to the wise, ***performance*** wise, they cannot be beat for the price; however, they are ***built*** kind of cheaply...

IDEs With VIM Text Editing Capability? 193

An anonymous reader writes "I am currently looking to move from text editing with vim to a full fledged IDE with gdb integration, integrated command line, etc. Extending VIM with these capabilities is a mortal sin, so I am looking for a linux based GUI IDE. I do not want to give up the efficient text editing capabilities of VIM though. How do I have my cake and eat it too?"

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