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Journal Journal: The Two Towers 2

Saw the Two Towers last night, (Opening night show). I thought it was a great movie, but I guess since everyone else before me who saw it hyped it up so much, the wow factor that was there after the 1st one wasn't there anymore. Either way.. I think Elijah Wood did a lot better job of acting in this one, than he did in FellowShip.. good for him.

Legolas is a pimp.. he rocks..
They showed the trailers for X-men 2 and T3.. neither looked that exciting.. they seemed to be there just for the milking it wasn't even a teaser.. they showed too much but nothing coherent..atleast for the X-Men movie.

T3's plot was more understandable or you could see what was going on..but it looked cheesy. "She'll be back".. riiight,

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Journal Journal: Resorting to the dark side ? 1

I think I'm going to delve into the adult industry a bit.. with affiliate programs etc, or maybe my own site.. anyone got any tips ?.

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Journal Journal: Happy Halloween

Just doing a little venting. Been working my butt off since last week. Need to get the new reg system up, need to fix bugs from old system.. yay. work work work.

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Journal Journal: nifty

how were us normal users supposed to know about this ? :)
Great job Brian :)

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