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Journal vluther's Journal: The Two Towers 2

Saw the Two Towers last night, (Opening night show). I thought it was a great movie, but I guess since everyone else before me who saw it hyped it up so much, the wow factor that was there after the 1st one wasn't there anymore. Either way.. I think Elijah Wood did a lot better job of acting in this one, than he did in FellowShip.. good for him.

Legolas is a pimp.. he rocks..
They showed the trailers for X-men 2 and T3.. neither looked that exciting.. they seemed to be there just for the milking it wasn't even a teaser.. they showed too much but nothing coherent..atleast for the X-Men movie.

T3's plot was more understandable or you could see what was going on..but it looked cheesy. "She'll be back".. riiight,

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The Two Towers

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  • Thats is why reading books before seeing movies can damage the experience of the movie. I liked the X-men trailler.... thats looks to be good. T3,well... I coudl do with out the cheese... but I have to give arnold the benifite of the doubt considerign t1, and t2 are really good.
    • the xmen trailer didn't leave anything exciting or goin.. oh shit this is gonna happen.. except for a little teaser on wolverine...

      T3.. "She'll be back".. just reminded me of the last Bond flick.. Arnold usually pulls of some good movies even with his oneliners etc.. he's better than Pierce Brosnan in that sense, but still.

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