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Comment Re:other suggestions? (Score 3, Interesting) 161

I am always on the lookout for cloud storage my current list from best to worst with their respective pros and cons are (*Based on what I have seen & most of my computers run linux so its a major part of my list)

1. - Most free storage 15 gb, works with every environment, Integrates acceptably with linux, Most generous with new free space for referrals (+5 gb for both parties). I have not yet witnessed how it handles conflicting copies of a file. On that note If anyone wants a copy account we both get an extra 5 gigs if you follow my referral link
2. Dropbox - Great handling of conflicting copies, works with every environment, great linux integration, lowest storage space and lowest storage space per referral. Great handling of conflicted copies.
3. Spideroak - Great linux integration, great encryption, No online viewing of files (due to the encryption) great linux integration 4. Box - great free space, none existent linux integration, no conflict checking/ history for free version. It ate many of my important school files because of this. 5. There are also Google drive and microsoft Onedrive but I have no experience with them.

To sum up, right now My favorite is due to copious amounts for free space and Linux intigration. Hope that helps

Comment 99% is great! (Score 1) 205

I worked with an organization who did biosand filters in the Dominican republic and Haiti, they actually wanted there filters to leave a small amount of the bacteria because then it aloud the people who were using the filters to build up an resistance in case they ever drank water that was not filtered.

Comment Never underestimate bells greed (Score 1) 127

Its worse than just that, i just tried to opt out, (I know I should not be on bell to begin with, but my wife set up the phone plans) the options are do you want targeted adds, or random unfiltered adds. Where is no adds, i am paying you way to much money for to little service. I will accept adds if I am getting a free service from someone, but when I am already drastically overpaying for my phone. No chance in hell. I am sending them a letter informing them that I will be leaving there service as in the spring when my contract is up and telling all of my friends to do the same thing.

Comment IronCad (Score 1) 218

I am working/in school, as/for mechanical Engineering. I have used Pro/Engineer and IronCad extensively they are polar opposites in the way that they operate. They also both have there advantages and disadvantages.

When I had to chose a 3d Cad Program for myself I chose IronCad mostly on price but after using it for two years I genuinely feel that It is the fastest to model and easiest to use (but coming from Pro/E offers at times hair pulling levels of frustration mostly due to differences in methodology) It has a 30 day free trial that you can use to see if you like it. That is what I would point someone on a budget towards (if money were no objective I would still go for Pro/E but would miss a lot of the features of IronCad)

As a lover of open source I often look towards FreeCad longingly and have great hope for it. it may be worth a look

Comment Re:thoughts (Score 2) 188

I would love to do that, but I think that, that is, or will be Illegal under the tpp and nafta. Also can you think of a faster way to get voted out of office than to be the person who caused all of our cheap consumer goods to double in price? Not saying I don't think it should happen; just it would be tricky.

Comment thoughts (Score 3, Interesting) 188

In one of my manufacturing process classed, the prof claimed he had done a lot of work for major companies off-shoring production. He then went on to explain that they saved very little money on the cheap offshore labour. (cheap labour + long shipping = aprox same as labour here) The big savings were gained from having no or very poor environmental laws.
With that in mind I do not see this bringing much manufacturing back to North America or Europe. Plus if it was an advantage the cheap labour markets would just by the robots anyway.

The way to get manufacturing back here in my opinion, is to make a products store front cost true to what the real cost is. Ie sum of parts + labour + the cost of dealing with the waste.

I still want a baxter to play with though

Comment Re:Here comes the complaning... (Score 1) 737

I agree with everything you said, and would love if some of the more glaring "professional" missing features were addressed. But as I can't code/or if I tried GIMP would be far worse off, and at this time I am not able to contribute financially I don't feel that I have any right to dictate what features need working on. (Not that I am implying you feel that you have a right ether.)

What I am saying is if people want to get away from Photoshop, they need to find a constructive way to help. Even if it is bug checking, writing tutorials, or any other simple job that helps out the cause.

Comment Here comes the complaning... (Score 5, Insightful) 737

Every time there is anything posted about GIMP the entire comments consist of nothing but people complaining that it is not photoshop. What does it contribute to the discussion? We have all heard it before, many times. If you irrationally hate some piece of software, don't use it. If not enjoy the progression and the new features.

I for one, am glad that GIMP exists and want to thank all the people involved for all their hard work. It is not perfect but gets better with every release. I happily use it for all my photo manipulation needs.

Comment Re:Not smart Enough? (Score 5, Insightful) 1276

This sounds good on paper, but could it not lead to extreme abuse? Think of how badly the parties sway the little things to be in their favour. Now think of how much they would warp the civics test. I feel that it would not take long until the civics test became a way from keeping people with opposing views from voting rather than ensuring only allowing qualified vote.

Comment Re:Some background (Score 4, Interesting) 84

Acording to Political compass the NDP are almost exactly in the centre the Liberals are to the right and the Conservitives are far right, According to that site everyone has moved substantial to the right, to the point that the NDP are nearly where the Libs were 10 years ago and the Libs are where the Cons were 10 years ago. Intrestingly, it actually puts the Liberals right of Barak Obama.

Comment Re:There is an easy way to help (Score 3, Informative) 379

It is funny I have been attempting to do something very similar to this for my land. But have hit quite a few road blocks, first it was explained to me from the resource management people here in Alberta Canada that it is Illegal to store rain water that way. I can not take rain water that could potential go to someone else's land and keep it for myself. Which i begrudgingly admit is understandable. That is what it is considered if I were to make a water collection pit. Second they analyze the amount of surface area in any collection pit and calculate the evaporation, which is (surprisingly to me) very high. On that basis too they disallow the idea.

Water management comes down to, if you want more water available to use you need to have swamps, the natural way for the land to store (and clean) water without evaporative loses or unfairly keeping water from your neighbors. Ironically they are the very thing farmers have been doing their best to get rid of.

To sum up, land with swamps = good for the land, good for the water, good for the water table, bad for large mechanized efficient farming.

This has been my opinion on the matter taken from, talking with people employed by the environment ministry, research (google), talking with other farmers, and experience on my own farm.

Comment Re:I think most posters here are missing the point (Score 1) 744

I have no issue with that, just doing anything would be a step in the right direction and I will happily support any cordanated boycott (or other logical plan) with these goals. As an additional point for going after apple, they did just post record profits again. So everyone knows that they could easily do more to improve the lives of the workers.

Comment I think most posters here are missing the point... (Score 5, Insightful) 744

Boycotting apple is a good idea, yes everyone is using the same factories but it is unrealistic to boycott everyone at the same time. So why not pick the bully in the group and lay him out? Apple is used by people who claim to care, so force apple to care. Then once they are forced into it, move the next company down the line. I bet it would not take long and no one would be using the appealing worker conditions.

just my thoughts on the situation - Vlad

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