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Comment Re:odd--- (Score 1) 234

More like engineers are move devoted to their technology than to whomever happens to employ them at any given time.

Or their careers. Time spent becoming expert in a system that's not used anywhere else is time not spent becoming expert in stuff that might be needed in your next job. Getting locked in to your employer is very risky and has little if any benefit.

Comment Re:against traditional American values (Score 2) 227

The traditional American value of getting ahead by hard work and grit is completely opposed to this sort of genetic pre-disposition.

Unfortunately, that value is at odds with the capitalist value of getting ahead by any means available no matter the consequences to anyone else. So you'd better hope that DNA testing won't give any measurable advantage, otherwise it'll be yet another lock in your chains.

Comment Re:Legal maneuvers are ... legal! (Score 1) 843

Rich people are mobile, and so is their money. Change the laws enough and they all leave your country and take most of the wealth with them.

Money is mobile, wealth isn't. A rich person can leave, but they can't take a factory with them. They'll have to sell it. All that leaves the country is dollars, and all those can do is give an economic stimulus when they come back to buy American goods and services.

Comment Re:Meh. (Score 1) 843

(While I disagree with Mark Levin on term limits, and on Trump, his Liberty Amendments book lays out a solid plan for bringing the federal government back under the control of the states. Most relevant here are: The amendment to require an affirmative vote for approval of new regulations, and the amendment to give the states veto power over Supreme Court decisions.)

You do realize this gives the states the ability to simply ignore your rights?

Comment Re:Executes more code but runs faster ? (Score 1) 531

But that only matters if programmers do add their own checks. Evidently in reality most do not.

And therefore the idea that the problem is some programmers not the language, the craftsman not the tool.

If a tool doesn't fit my hand, it's a bad tool. If a tool doesn't fit human intuition and tendencies, it's a bad tool. Tools are here to assist humans, not the other way around, and have no inherent value of their own, just their utility, thus any mismatch between a tool and a user is a problem with the tool, especially when "user" is actually "most users".

Comment Re:That headline... (Score 1, Insightful) 88

How pathetic that people act like this is the end of the world or on par with nuclear war.

So who's acting that way? Or are you simply trying to set up a strawman to distract from Netflix's failure to deliver what its customers pay it for?

I predate the internet, so old farts like me just go, "Eh" and find something else to do.

Thinking other people's problems are insignificant because you don't share them is an equal opportunity character flaw. Don't blame it on your age.

Get a hobby, get a girlfriend, set fire to your neighbor's house, I don't give a shit- just stop whining about your life-giving movie stream isn't working right now.

Those are mighty words for someone spending their weekend whining about other people on Slashdot.

Comment Re:The nature of the Trump-fans is pretty obvious (Score 1) 342

They are authoritarian followers, that fight anybody that disagrees with them with violence.

Authoritarians who want Trump to rule with an iron fist, or anarchists who want him to bring it all crashing down? And then there's likely to be the occasional idiot who actually takes anti-Hillary propaganda seriously.

Comment Re:Fear is a good thing for business (Score 1) 332

As the rich see it the poor are just being lazy so giving them money will not encourage them to try harder.

You confuse cause and effect. The rich don't want to give up the power economic oppression gives them, so they see whatever helps excuse it. Just like every ruling class ever.

Comment Re:What the Idiotic Hell./ (Score 1) 401

Popularity of a language is immaterial to the usefulness of a language,

Popularity = developers = tools and libraries = usefulness.

No matter how inherently superior a programming language might be, if nobody is working on it its ideas will never go anywhere except by being grafted onto other, popular languages.

Comment Re:Yes, I too wonder, where SJWs stand on this (Score 0) 424

When Brendan Eich was "outed" as an opponent of "gay marriage", the online bullies forced his resignation from Mozilla's top job.

Perhaps you shouldn't advocate for causes that do nothing but cause harm to innocent people and then pretend to be the victim when you're treated like the villain you are. Good riddance.

Resigning is no different from suicide in this case â" a person is driven to an unpleasant and unwanted action by the words of those, who hate/despise him...

Aside from the obvious fact that losing a job is not even remotely the same as dying, there's also the difference that Tiziana was innocent while Brendan Eich is guilty of wronging - or at least trying to wrong - a lot of people.

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