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Comment How can you even argue with Netflix? (Score 3, Insightful) 151

I've had Netflix for what seems forever, at least for 10 years or better. Bragging about that buys me zero credibility and a negative balance of /. stock, but here's why I think they are right: people seriously don't give a shit after a while and will side with convenience, comfort, and instant availability to satisfy all of our Alice in Chains 'feed-my-eyes' quest for immediate entertainment anymore, even if it's at the cost of some pixel depth and resolution crispness.

Not a single person can't tell me after spending almost the comparable amount of swiping time 'looking' for a show that it takes to actually watch one, you just finally pick something and watch it.

Heck, I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to watch a show I was jonsing to put on, that I own in that cute BluRay-DVD bundle pack, but was too lazy to go and physically put it in, so I sufficed the average HD/SD quality Netflix had to offer _for_the_same_show_.

Netflix has got it right and doesn't need to back up their claim with all the data you give them away to pillage, do big data on, run through Hadoop or whatever machine learning foo they have: We are going to watch it all in the end, regardless of what is/isnt there and what it's quality is, as long as it doesn't look too much like a 1980's Twisted Sister bootleg off a first gen tape PVR. That's how we are wired to act about this shit anymore. Anyone having a high-res flame war here is just wrong IMHO.

Comment Amateur Sys-admin deserves the time (Score 5, Insightful) 131

As making a living out of being all things 'admin' (sys/network/engineering, ect.), he totally deserves this. This guy is total amateur-hour and quite simply deserves what he got. If it was really about your scripts, then they were probably garbage anyway. Any admin with have a brain keeps copies of their stuff; I actually use version control systems right long with software developers and engineers, so an even bigger reason to manage your domain better.

I'm sure he had a fair bit of perceived egotism and elitism in his attitude and work ethic, which made the situation what it was and resulted into today for him.

Even that, if he was able to log on to absolutely anything after his contract was terminated, then shame on the ISP, too. That's probably why they don't exist anymore. In any fairy constructed IT shop of sys-admins, regardless of how the rest of his co-workers felt about the situation of all of it, his access to everything would have been gone the second he was being walked out the door by security, HR, ect.

Comment what does 'online' really mean, anyways? (Score 1) 19

Does online mean they have to have a device and some sort of access to the internet as 'they' know it? If that's the case, it's probably just the classic case of watering down statistics to manipulate this into this some sort of seemingly still existent 'technical divide' problem in this world.

In regards to the African statistic that was tossed out, 1 in 10 people is on the internet. Throwing out the fact that if 'online' means having/owning your own device and access service, I'd like to think that chances are, they are on occasionally already or are already exposes by the 9 others around them.

Comment Re:The opposite is true (Score 1) 531

Editorial bias is one thing, blatantly burying a major news story(WikiLeaks) because it doesn't fit the agenda is equal to being "fake news site". Oh sure, they ran a one or two minute piece once, but TRUMP IS A RACIST runs for 38 minutes every night.

There is bias (accidental unintentional) and then there is rigged reporting. Calling it bias is ... cute..

Accurate reporting on the sayings and doings of deplorable people tend to make them seem deplorable. It's not the fault of news outlets, mainstream or otherwise, that the right chose to rally behind a racist demagogue.

Comment Re:Precisely (Score 1) 531

When people decide they're only going to trust news from sources that we know make up stories (and repeat stories from similar sites), how do you prove anything to be a lie?

You can't cure wilful self-deception, but reality will, once the problem gets bad enough. Of course, since we now have nukes it could well be there's nobody left to dig themselves out of the ashes.

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 4, Interesting) 355

A very large segment of the population no logner cares if trump is good or bad, they are just sick of getting screwed by the politicians, and if trump ends up screwing them just like every other president in recent history, at least some of the elites are likely to take it in the shorts as well. Its the scorched earth mentality, and it is the logical result of 30+ years of policy that favors the wealthy at everyone elses expense.

They're tired of elites, so they elect a guy who flies around in a literal gold-plated private jet plane. They're tired of getting screwed, so they elect a professional conman. And they're tired of the wealthy getting everything, so they protest and condemn as socialism every attempt to equalize incomes or provide basic services, such as Obamacare, to the less wealthy.

You ever wonder if maybe there's a reason nobody much cares what these jackasses want?

Comment Re:screw crApple (Score 4, Insightful) 71

roman_mir excretes:

> There shouldn't be any income, any corporate, any wealth taxes at all. Your insane collectivist governments will eventually fall once there are no more jobs left for the collectivists and all the jobs move anywhere where the collectivists cannot get them.

You're highly delusional. On this side of the Atlantic we pay our taxes and we like it.

When we're ill, unemployed, disabled, homeless etc. the government steps in to help us. That's the unwritten contract we have with our European governments.

Compare and contrast with the US where you have a large underclass of people, who if they're not in prison, cannot afford proper healthcare, food or housing. I'll take the European approach, thank you very much.

Apple, by paying less than 1% of their European profits in tax force everybody else to pay more tax. If I set up business in Ireland, do you think I'll pay less than 1% on my corporate profits?

Answer: No, because I couldn't afford the backhanders to get such a deal.

The self-serving retard that is Tim Cook doesn't seem to understand that concept.

BTW, Tim Cook is toast. Just a matter of time until the street realises he hasn't produced anything useful during his reign. On the contrary, he's turned some good stuff into garbage eg. Macbook Pro, OSX.

Comment screw crApple (Score 3, Insightful) 71


> ...and those appeals will follow the ones already pending in Luxembourg, where the EU is headquartered.

No it's not. Try Brussels in Belgium.

Hope the court nails the sweetheart deal between Apple and the Irish taxman.

It hasn't just cost the Irish but every other consumer in the EU who has bought iCrap. All the profits go back to Ireland where they're essentially not taxed but squirrelled away by Apple. Apple stockholders win but EU citizens get screwed.

Comment Smartwatches have a finite cost justification (Score 1) 330

Honestly, I'm ok adopting the smartwatch fad but not particularly sad it could just go away --- because I'd be ok with that, too. I jumped in on the Pebble bandwagon for it's price and pure simplicity of display and notifications.

The only reasons I really did it was to wear a watch again (duh), have some detachment from my phone without having dig that damn thing out of my coat/pants/jacket pocket every 5 seconds to 'see' what notification/calendar event got pushed to me, being able to get updates in a no-phone meeting at work, and it was a nice addition (IMHO) to commutes with not being a dipshit 'phone glancer' while on the road since my hands were already on the steering wheel. Are those great arguments? To me they are. To most, probably mediocre at best.

I guess for the $200 I put into both of the Pebble watches in the last 3 years I'm more than ok with. That's certainly being able to stay "I did it", enjoy it for what it is (and soon-to-be was) and not break the bank or cave getting yet another $500+ device.

Comment Re:odd--- (Score 1) 239

More like engineers are move devoted to their technology than to whomever happens to employ them at any given time.

Or their careers. Time spent becoming expert in a system that's not used anywhere else is time not spent becoming expert in stuff that might be needed in your next job. Getting locked in to your employer is very risky and has little if any benefit.

Comment Re:against traditional American values (Score 2) 228

The traditional American value of getting ahead by hard work and grit is completely opposed to this sort of genetic pre-disposition.

Unfortunately, that value is at odds with the capitalist value of getting ahead by any means available no matter the consequences to anyone else. So you'd better hope that DNA testing won't give any measurable advantage, otherwise it'll be yet another lock in your chains.

Comment Re:Legal maneuvers are ... legal! (Score 1) 843

Rich people are mobile, and so is their money. Change the laws enough and they all leave your country and take most of the wealth with them.

Money is mobile, wealth isn't. A rich person can leave, but they can't take a factory with them. They'll have to sell it. All that leaves the country is dollars, and all those can do is give an economic stimulus when they come back to buy American goods and services.

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