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Comment oops too late (Score 0) 1

If its beginning to play music at max volume..its probably too late already, and the original objective should have been achieved successfully, and its merely a celebration.

Submission + - iPhone 5 and iPad mini are both set to launch in September (

zacharye writes: A surplus of Apple (AAPL) rumors is always expected ahead of the company’s earnings reports, and the faucet is wide open on Tuesday. Apple is planning to release a smaller version of its wildly popular iPad tablet shortly after the next-generation iPhone launches this fall, one industry watcher believes. Plugged-in KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who purportedly shed some light on “iPhone 5 specs recently, says that Apple’s next iPhone will launch in September followed closely by the release of the much-rumored “iPad mini.”...

Comment What else is out there? (Score 0) 1

We found out this about mercury now? thats a chemical in the periodic table!! Imagine what else is out there to know about the millions of chemicals that we're being exposed to everyday compared to our previous generation. Not to forget huge amount of wireless radiation. We'll only know its long term effects after few decades when people and then we'll be exposed to even more amounts. Soon we'll never be able to find out the causes of diseases and conditions. By then there won't be any species left to find out which chemicals have what effect.

Comment Re:2031?! (Score 0, Offtopic) 329

"Taking a trillion dollars, loading it on a Shuttle" a shuttle??? one shuttle???? wait a second..

one 100 dollar note weighs around 1 gram.
1 million dollars in 100 dollar denominations would mean 10,000 notes that means 10 kg, and so
1 billion dollars would weigh 10,000kg
1 trillion, 10,000,000 kg

space shuttle payload capacity for lower earth orbit (according to wiki) is 24,000 kg
and so one trillion dollars means filling 417 space shuttles!! not "a space shuttle" but 417 shuttles..and can you imagine how long will that take? over 8 years even if NASA can somehow manage to send space shuttles every week loaded with 100 dollar notes.

so a small correction in your comment

"Taking a trillion dollars, loading it on 417 Space Shuttles, and dispersing it all on orbit would have been just as productive a use of the money. A purposeless war we were lied into by an incompetent fraud." :D

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